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+18    If you are looking for a smart, easy to use and featurerich App to track down all your trips and log mileage for expense reimbursement or tax deduction, MileWiz Pro is the one. With MileWiz Pro application, you can save ...    7 MB    Views 5365

Arab Economic News

+15    AEN (Arab Economic News) is a new voice in the economic world of media. Through our 30 years of experience in the fields of politics and economics, we offer a unique smart application that is the first of its kind in ...    4 MB    Views 4787


+10    It is a calculator that inputs the calculating formula and outputs the result. The calculating formula etc. that use () parentheses that cannot be done in a usual calculator are possible. The history in the calculating formula and the equation etc. ...    1 MB    Views 3654

Misys FusionWire

+29    Keep uptodate with the latest financial software industry news. Covering Banking, Capital Markets, Investment Management and Risk. Includes: Latest financial software news Thought leadership & research Feature articles Blogs Product release information & more    8 MB    Views 5377


+10    TipProperly is an app to make tip calculation simple, easy and fair. It uses the optimized Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to read number instantaneously and calculates tip automatically under 3 rounding options. It provides saving opportunity to an user; and encourage ...    19 MB    Views 1062


-1    Understand your energy usage with pixometer With our pixometer App, you’ll get a grasp of your energy usage. Scan your meter using the camera of your mobile device just as simple as a barcode. pixometer will even read the result ...    NAN    Views 2635
reading vale annual report page form find information
+12    Reading Vale's annual report anytime, anywhere just got easier The app is free to download and includes Vale's latest annual report. The Form 20F is Vale's annual report of 2010 pursuant to the United States Securities Exchange Commission's requirements. The Form 20F ...    1 MB    Views 6197


news economy articles
-3    RSS reader on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Presents a fast way to browse Economy News articles across Greece from different categories. Serves news articles from cache when there is no Internet. Page or article opens up immediately. Easy access to your ...    279 kb    Views 5002


news ios route
+13    This is a completly new version of VHV application. Changes are: complete new UI design, using best iOS patterns, full iOS 8 and 7 compatibility, social media – LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, PinIt integration with YouTube, offline mode, current stock and weather data, news stream, polls, surveys, internationalization, supports both english ...    4 MB    Views 7342
+3    Octopus Retail Point of Sales – Point of Sales system
 Default user; username – admin password – admin Are you a store owner that yearns to be able to easily tabulate your daily sales, know your stock inventory and yet still be able to ...    36 MB    Views 3627

Stock Futures

news market day
+29    Get up to the minute premarket quotes, news, etc. for the Dow Jones, S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, etc. all updated constantly This app also gives you news related to why the market is moving up or down for that day so ...    7 MB    Views 8564

NewsBar RSS reader

rss news reading twitter web search feeds ios read user easy sync
0    NewsBar, the topselling Mac newsreader also available for iPhone and iPad. Simple and clean interface, fast RSS engine, and zeroconfig iCloud sync across iOS and OS X devices. Opens RSS feeds from Safari. Keyword based news alerts using iOS 7 ...    4 MB    Views 343
property news
+6    28Hse App is designed for iOS users for property search. 28Hse App provides news of different types of properties in Hong Kong, including property for rent and sale, new property, property news, mortgage calculator and related news of new property, ...    6 MB    Views 4223
news trading
-8    Have the world's trading venues in the palm of your hand. Explore them using an easytonavigate interactive directory map. Get streaming news from and about trading venues as well as news and information from those who regulate them such as the ...    724 kb    Views 3217
research reading search clients bca archive generation
+29    This BCA Research app is recommended for First Generation iPads. The app allows clients to download current investment research for easy offline reading. Access to an extensive archive of past research is also available from within the application. The app also ...    2 MB    Views 4416

Follow The Coin

news currency digital
-5    We are the home page for digital currency. View realtime digital currency news now. Features Include: Up to the minute news updates Daily breakdown of the top headlines Chat with other Bitcoiners BTC charts, trackers and price indexes Bitcoin viral photos ...    15 MB    Views 2002

Car Expenses App

Related Apps tracker car photo reading iphone expenses add speed vehicle track date price expense
+18    Car Expenses App for iPhone is the perfect solution to keep track of your vehicle details, expenses and mileage for tax reporting, job reimbursement and your personal records. Plus you can add a photo of your vehicle along with the ...    4 MB    Views 5920
Related Apps research apple search ipad reading clients application reports download
+8    Via this free Ipad application, BTG Pactual offers its awardwinning research reports, latest ratings and estimates to subscribed BTG Pactual clients. Users will be able to securely view, search and download research reports from the bank’s Equity, Macro and Fixed Income ...    2 MB    Views 5443


-5    Applicazione ufficiale del canale satellitare JusticeTV. Tramite questa App avrete la possibilità di: Consultare le ultime news di JusticeTG Ricercare nell'archivio delle news di JusticeTG Inviare richieste alla trasmissione "Amico Avvocato"    3 MB    Views 9160
discount search reading shopping calculator items data amount cart item bookmark enter bar code
-9    It's like a cash register. [Shopping scan calculator] is an application that calculates the total amount of purchase items. This is calculated by reading the bar code. [1]Cart This will display a list of items that you have added to the cart,and total amount ...    2 MB    Views 9992
news business
+6    Buley's Business News for iPhone and iPod devices. Scan, save and share news by company or sector for all publiclytraded companies.    351 kb    Views 6789

Gather Tech News

news tech technology
-9    Gathering all the technology news you care about One universal app for iPhone and iPad puts all the latest technology news in one spot and at your fingertips. We gather it for you In either abridged or extended formats, we deliver up ...    1 MB    Views 5338

Investor news

Related Apps news latest
+4    Easy to use app for the latest news regarding investing and business. Enjoy as it gets updated daily with the latest articles. RSS reader, we do not claim to own the content. Have fun    39 MB    Views 6455

Time IFA Reading

Related Apps time reading tax personal news tools ifa latest clients vat future
+15    This powerful new free finance and IFA App has been developed by the team at Time IFA Reading to give you key financial and tax information, tools, features and news at your fingertips, 24/7. The Time IFA Reading App designed to ...    14 MB    Views 4929
0    Octopus Retail Point of Sales Lite – Point of Sales system
 Default user; username – admin password – admin Are you a store owner that yearns to be able to easily tabulate your daily sales, know your stock inventory and yet still be able ...    10 MB    Views 6351


personal news
+1    OttOmoney is your personal tools for: Biz News: Uptodate news on investment, business, economy, and personal finance My Stuff: Locationbased information regarding your wise spending for both selected providers of goods and service ,and discounts IT IS FREE    3 MB    Views 7729


news podcast
-8    This application provides a quick and easy way to listen to key news via a podcast and also view the corresponding transcript, including the individual news links that the podcast was derived from.    92 kb    Views 1294


0    First gold news is a fusion of multichannel financial information source, full range tracking the latest industry financial direction, dynamic display the details of trading activities of app, it has hundreds of the most authoritative analysts straddle aspect, realtime updates ...    17 MB    Views 9386

ES News

Related Apps news articles page delivered
+13    Updates and gourmet news delivered directly to your pocket by us, Economic Science. News articles, analysis and commentary covering a range of interests including financial markets and business are sourced from the worlds largest local and international news agencies. Content is ...    NAN    Views 7234
reading hypnosis
0    Supernatural and Paranormal Clairvoyant psychic Readings Through time humanity has found different ways to understand the world, to read people and get a glimpse of the future. We have collected for you some of the most interesting practices: Numerology Tarot reading ...    9 MB    Views 7042

Lease Log

reading time lease odometer log usage leases terms check enter
+3    Lease Log is a better way of keeping track of odometer usage related to automobile leases. The app allows for logging 4 automobile leases at a time. Simply enter the terms of the lease, and Lease Log calculates the distance ...    3 MB    Views 3516

news financial station
-8 is Jyske Bank’s TV station on the Internet – and now on your iPhone or iPod touch as well. The station brings you financial news and indepth features on economic issues. Unfiltered financial news that is relevant to you ...    427 kb    Views 4291

Agent News

news agent
-6    วารสาร Agent News จัดทำและเผยแพร่เฉพาะภาย ในบมจ.เมืองไทยประกันชีวิต เพื่อเป็นสื่อกลางในการสื่อข้อมูลข่าวสารความเคลื่อนไหวของบริษัทฯ ให้ ฝ่ายขายรับทราบอย่างกว้างขวาง และเป็นการสร้างความสัมพันธ์อันดีระหว่างฝ่ายภายในและฝ่ายขาย ของบริษัทฯ    10 MB    Views 5949


-3    Finfeed news app delivers breaking news, analysis and market data on ASX listed small cap stocks. Explore a seamless stream of articles on your phone or tablet.    9 MB    Views 219
reading forex forum free start completely
+8    The Forex Forum (Forum ONLY) has gone mobile You can start a new thread, add posts, upload awesome charts or just catch up on reading all of the great forex information contained in the Internet's best Forex forum at ...    5 MB    Views 4302


+19    A monthly publication targeting the interests of china's New Rich stratum and devoted to covering news and information of the fortunerelated topics. The magazine aims to deliver the message that "Wealth is a means to achievement and freedom". The editorial ...    9 MB    Views 4834
Related Apps news time market reading research stock personal portfolio real stocks charts add dividend portfolios change
0    Stockz is an advanced stock, news, and portfolio watching tool to monitor realtime values and events of your holdings throughout the day. NEW • Projected earnings and exdividend dates (sort by date, or % dividend) • Save news articles for later reading in ...    6 MB    Views 106
+1    The Freakonomics Blog Reader App Tap the FreakReader App on your iPhone and easily read through all of the NEWEST entries from the Freakonomics blog, easily view them on your iPhone with a webbrowser interface that styles the blog so it ...    143 kb    Views 1890

Pink Finance

Related Apps news finance date
-1    Every Dollar Makes a Difference Welcome to the Pink Finance App Here you can find your borrowing capacity, mortgage repayments and loan costs. Perfect for the home buyer, if you are refinancing or a property investor. Up to date information with calculators ...    12 MB    Views 6836

The Motley Fool

-7    Stock information and investing advice from The Motley Fool. App features include: Top stories in financial news News coverage on Financials, Technology, Energy, Healthcare, Consumer Services, Media & Industrials Ticker search Motley Fool Money and Market Foolery podcasts Offline reading Saving ...    5 MB    Views 8302
audio time exam work learning twitter reading car travel series cfa study level quality subject material
+3    Level II CFA Exam Audio System, 2015 Edition Listen to the Audio Series while you: • commute to/from work • exercise • travel Running Time: 24 Hours Learn anytime, anywhere NOTE: This app does NOT expire. And, this Audio app will be updated for future ...    694 MB    Views 6568

Stock Gains

stock reading news gains stocks portfolio data capital section
-3    Stock Gains is free for a limited time Stock Gains shows you the value of your portfolio. Monitor daybyday changes and calculate your net gains after taxes, while studying historical data and reading news about your stocks. Featured on the ...    3 MB    Views 1886
Related Apps trips trip personal reading medical tax mileage log support track notes type
+10    If you are looking for a smart, easy to use and featurerich App to track down all your trips and log mileage for expense reimbursement or tax deduction, MileWiz is the one. With MileWiz application, you can save favorite trips ...    7 MB    Views 7639


news law bond
+3    Bond Adams are one of the leading law firms in the Midlands (UK) in terms of our quality of work, reputation of delivery and level of success. This free application provides the user with instant details of the many areas of professional help available ...    16 MB    Views 2112

A Home Buyers Book

home house people reading purchase book purchasing save thousands dollars guide
+3    ACT NOW TO RECEIVE YOUR 75% DISCOUNT WHEN PURCHASING THIS APP How To Save Thousands Of Dollars Purchasing Your Home ...In Less Than 8 Hours Are You Willing To Follow 16 Chapters Of Outstanding Home Buyer Information To Learn How To Purchase ...    7 MB    Views 8983
reading news entertainment magazine art china popular weekly users life
+2    On the wave of popularity: highquality reading content mobile app with over 13.5 million users l Cannot tear yourself away: single using time per capita always ranks on the top of the list of news & information apps. l Indepth analysis: popular ...    26 MB    Views 1844

Push News MSFT

+30    Get actionable instant news alerts and ratings for Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Pushed right to your mobile device the moment it is released.    11 MB    Views 6719
Related Apps audio time exam work learning twitter reading car travel series cfa study level resources allen material
0    Level I CFA Exam Audio Series December 2015 & 2016 Edition Listen to the Audio Series while you: • commute to/from work • exercise • travel Running Time: 35 Hours Learn anytime, anywhere NOTE: This app does NOT expire. And, this Audio app will ...    962 MB    Views 6957
Related Apps research reading download free reports david
+1    The free Gluskin Sheff Research app allows clients and other registered users to download the firm’s research reports most notably Breakfast with Dave by Chief Economist & Strategist David Rosenberg for offline reading. The app also comes with ...    21 MB    Views 2054
Related Apps news search stock finance browse downloading reading action email facebook save read fast saved tab
+4    InoStockNews is stock/finance/business news reader that allows you browse, search multisites, read, save and share via social networking. Cool features that no other apps have such as hyperfast downloading, fast multisite searching, readlater, color coding, previewing, page view (with ...    11 MB    Views 1585


reading market economic reports information customers alerts indicators services
-4    This is Tendências Consultoria Integrada official app for the iPad and iPhone. Tendências is one of the largest economic consultancies in Brazil. Founded in 1996, Tendências is reference on economic, financial and politics, gathering experienced and renowned consultants in various ...    84 MB    Views 9067
research apple media search reading investment banking users content credit suisse clients terms conditions
+15    The Credit Suisse Panorama Application offers timely and insightful research, economic and market perspectives to our users globally. Users will require version 5.0 of iOS to launch the app, which is free to download. Investment Banking Portal The App offers Credit Suisse ...    8 MB    Views 8886
Related Apps news time market stock reading research personal portfolio real stocks charts portfolios dividend add
+9    Stockz is an advanced stock, news, and portfolio watching tool to monitor realtime values and events of your holdings throughout the day. This is the free version which can be upgraded using inapppurchase to full functionality; or buy the full version ...    6 MB    Views 5527

BCA Research

research reading investment search ipad bca clients archive reports feature leading
+9    BCA Research’s iPad app allows clients to download current investment research for easy offline reading. Access to an extensive archive of past research is also available from within the application. The app also includes a robust Archive Search feature for relevant ...    17 MB    Views 7198


reading printing articles cashier pdf token operator billing events
+14    POS system for events with Bon sale. Applications: Checkout for food and drinks with selfservice. (Town and village festivals, tent festivals etc.) No use in restaurants and events with table reservation Easy operation and configuration of articles and receipts. Supports the Epson TM88 Series ...    12 MB    Views 3355
stock reading news research alerts day full screen charts change portfolios local
+3    Keep an eye on your portfolios, maintain watchlists, set alerts, and research stocks on the most intuitive stock app Get live quotes and easily track actions with a beautiful colored interface. Also features clean and readable fullscreen charts and candlesticks, ...    4 MB    Views 9135
research reading publications clients street push offline application
-1    The Lombard Street Research App is an exclusive application for all Lombard Street Research clients. The application utilizes push notifications to instantly notify when new publications are available. Once downloaded clients can easily access our reports for offline reading. Features: Push notification to ...    54 MB    Views 2882

The Paypers

Related Apps news online payments
+28    The Paypers is the leading provider of news and insights for professionals in the transaction services industry. The Paypers provides news on Online Payments, Mobile Payments, Cards, Online Banking, Ecommerce, Eidentity and Einvoicing. The Paypers is now available on your iPhone.    778 kb    Views 4116


car reading money trip driving miles lease odometer date owe drive save average
+3    LeaseSaver is the easiest way to save money when leasing a car. If you lease a car, you should keep track of your miles. If you don't, you may be surprised by how much you owe at the end of your ...    1 MB    Views 5271
browse trip business reading time tour running expense create reports expenses ability pdf delete edit
+5    BizExpense Expense, Mileage & Time Tracking BizExpense is designed to help you track and report your business Tour expenses. 

BizExpense is right for you if: 
++ you are a consultant taking up travel and get paid by your clients
++ you incur project ...    14 MB    Views 7274
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