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+11    Ever struggle to calculate how much of a tip you should leave? Tipsee for iPhone and Apple Watch is here to help Just enter in your current total, select a tip percentage, and we'll do the math The best part? Tipsee is ...    2 MB    Views 9395


0    Salesmobl provides mobile access to Salesforce Accounts, Contacts, Events, Leads, Opportunities, and custom objects. Make one touch phone calls, send emails, log calls/emails in Salesforce and sync iPhone Contacts and Calendars with Salesforce. HIGHLIGHTS Single SignOn using Salesforce OAuth 2.0 Mobile ...    2 MB    Views 5932
+28    OFCU's iPhone App will allow you to access your OFCU accounts quickly, safely and conveniently from your iPhone. Transfer funds, pay bills, view and activate your cash back offers or check your account balance all from the palm of your ...    10 MB    Views 2186

Cash Converters UK

-1    The Cash Converters for iPhone app allows you to search for and buy secondhand goods on the move. Designed to run on the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, Cash Converters' users will be able to bid and buy items from Cash ...    3 MB    Views 1777
+4    Unlimited invoices in any language, any currency, any text, any background Create and send professional invoices, quotes, estimates, purchase orders, Timesheets, expense reports in minutes. No more time wasting paperwork. [ How it works ] • Enter your info • Add customers manually ...    10 MB    Views 2962
+24    Meeco is a Life Management Platform that puts you at the center of your connected world. • Discover new ways to securely manage and share your information. • Take control of your personal data, organise your private information and replace many of ...    4 MB    Views 8005

Interest Calculator

-2    Interest Calculator is exactly what it claims to be: an application for your iPhone/iPod touch, to calculate interest, and useful for helping you about your investments and your business. It can be useful when you must take decisions about credit (for ...    892 kb    Views 5388


+3    DebtTracker is a power full debt tracker app. Never forget again to collect your money. Always have all debts at a glance. FEATURE LIST: ⚫ Fast & easily track all your debts ⚫ Select persons from your contacts or add new persons on the ...    852 kb    Views 4054


camera device contacts prospera consent
+4    By downloading the Prospera Mobile app, you consent to the installation of the app and any future updates or upgrades. You may withdraw your consent at any time by deleting or uninstalling the app from your device. When you install the ...    NAN    Views 6890
+3    产品介绍: 良运期货掌上财富能为期货投资客户提供全方位的期货行情、期货买卖、账户查询、期货资讯等服务。 良运期货掌上财富“iPhone版”根据iPhone手机量身定做,独特酷炫的操作感受,灵活方便的行情交易功能。 使用步骤: 1.发送短信17601到13918506080免费注册 2.下载并安装本软件 3.启动良运期货掌上财富输入帐号和密码登录 MOBILE PHONE FUTURES can provide the following service,futures quotes,futures exchange,accout inquiry,futures information,etc. The iPhone version of MOBILE PHONE FUTURES is based on iPhone Platform to be built.the unique user feeling,convenient quotes view and trade function is it's important features.    10 MB    Views 6217
ipad iphone search email fields version application add tags contacts
-6    NOW Compatible with IOS8. PowerConnect for Infusionsoft iPad app is the ultimate way to quickly search and edit your existing Infusionsoft contacts – on your iPad. Start out with the free version of the app, then use the inapp purchase to grow ...    1 MB    Views 4262
iphone los
+7    Deseas estar atento a los precios de los combustibles de la República Dominicana? Combustibles Dominicanos es justo lo que esperabas Una aplicación moderna, sencilla de utilizar con soporte para iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus e iPad.    5 MB    Views 8933

EZ Memory

iphone memory game
+16    APPLICATION DESCRIPTION 'EZ Memory' is a fun game with lots of colorful graphics in all kinds of fruits. Rise to the challenge of this game to you mind. LANGUAGE: English REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone 2.0 Software Update    2 MB    Views 9921
0    【比特宝】提供比特币实时行情,包含市场上主流的交易平台实时行情,快速准确。完美支持iOS7,iPhone5/iPhone 5s/iPhone 5c适配更佳! 【涨跌预警】 用户可设定某个交易机构的最低价位以及最高价位。 当最新成交价到达最低价位时,手机会发出预警信息,并震动手机; 当最新成交价到达最高价位时,手机会发出预警信息,并震动手机。 同时推送本地通知给用户,让用户第一时间了解比特币的实时价位变动。 【全新用户体验】 进入“比特宝”APPS首页,即可看见超大字幕的实时成交价格,非常清晰。用户只需在屏幕上向上或向下滑动,即可查看更多的行情报价。 【多行情】 包含主流的MtGox、比特币中国、火币网、FXBTC、796交易所、中国比特币、OKCOIN、比特儿、BTC100等 【价位多样化】 提供最新成交价、最低价、最高价、买入价一、卖出价一、成交量等    20 MB    Views 209
Related Apps investors iphone mobile bank
+11    Please log into Online Banking before using this app. Investors Bank Mobile for iPhone allows you to view balances, transfer funds, pay bills, deposit checks, locate branches, and more Let Investors help you manage your finances on the go.    8 MB    Views 1768

Ballpark for iPhone

time iphone invoices estimates payments team activity easily contacts track
-6    Thousands of small businesses use Ballpark to send invoices, receive payments, bid on projects, and keep their team on the same page. With Ballpark for iPhone you can take all your team activity, estimates, invoices, and contacts with you, wherever you ...    9 MB    Views 6341


iphone search locations check
+2    Bank wherever you are with portablePSCU for iPhone Check balances, make transfers, and find locations while you’re on the go. Available to credit union members who have enrolled in the service online. For more information, go to With iPhone in ...    5 MB    Views 2855
Related Apps iphone perform currency calculations
-5    ParsecCalc is a universal currency converter and calculator for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Use it to convert between dozens of currencies and to perform calculations. The currency exchange rate is automatically updated on the Internet. If you rotate your iPhone ...    399 kb    Views 3668
+29    L'application iPhone du magazine Maisons et Appartements et de son site Internet. Retrouvez toutes les annonces du magazine et du site sur votre iPhone    2 MB    Views 7563
Related Apps investors iphone financial total
+13    Total’s Investors app, available for iPhone, allows you to follow the financial news of the Total Group and find essential information and useful publications for shareholders and investors (financial calendar, share price, results, press releases …).    5 MB    Views 4411


money facebook code store prepaid pay weekly contacts amount
+5    Satispay is the easiest, fastest and most secure app for transferring money to your contacts and for paying online and offline at affiliated stores. With Satispay, in just a few clicks you can pay your roommates for the weekly shop, for ...    NAN    Views 7076
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+25    Your IOU / YOM Reminder for colleagues and friends. Two times awarded as one of the best apps of the year (during iTunes Rewind) Never ever forget the money again that you lent your friends and colleagues or the other way around. With ...    2 MB    Views 8071

ZeroTime for Xero

Related Apps time xero contacts invoice contact individual terms phone billing
-6    ZeroTime allows track your time for your Xero contacts on your phone, then uses this to create draft invoices in Xero. A simple click of Approve and Send in Xero and your invoicing is complete. ZeroTime is the ideal solution ...    2 MB    Views 6539

myFinance by A+ FCU

iphone ipad financial
+12    myFinance is a powerful and engaging mobile app that will change the way you feel about financial management. Managing your money is not only easier and more convenient on your iPhone or iPad – but a lot more enjoyable as ...    39 MB    Views 3284


+11    An easy to use two factor authentication solution that generates one time passwords (OTPs) via an application stored on the iPhone. TwoSecure enables strong authentication using the iPhone or iPod Touch. With no costly hardware tokens to supply, TwoSecure is easy ...    NAN    Views 5705
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+8    Bank wherever you are with MEFCU Direct for iPhone Check balances, make transfers, and find locations while you’re on the go. Available to credit union members who have enrolled in the service online. For more information, go to With iPhone ...    584 kb    Views 7278


+4    优普销管应用是为用友优普信息技术有限公司销售管理业务提供基于手机的客户端移动应用,本版支持iPhone4/iPhone4S/iPhone5/iPhone 5S/iPhone 5C(操作系统iOS5.07.0)。 优普销管应用的主要功能: 客户管理,随时随地维护自己的客户档案联系人等信息; 线索管理,可通过不同方式快速采集记录客户线索; 移动审批,查看并处理审批任务,完成审批; 消息提醒,查看最新消息、商机失效提醒、审批提醒、合同应收提醒、日志回复提醒; 工作日志,随时随地记录项目工作日志,查询自己和下属工作日志,回复下属工作日志; 商机管理,快速查看自己各种类别商机信息,可暂停和重新报备商机; 先锋榜,展示机构或股份公司下签约额和收款额最大的人员或省区机构信息; 企业日报,多维度查询股份公司及机构签约/收款的动态经营业绩信息; 报表中心,各类经营报表—利润、打款、收入、合同、预测进行排名、占比、穿透分析到每个下属机构。 本软件免费下载,可连接预设服务器免费使用: 1、在登录页面点击【连接配置】。 2、在【连接配置】页面输入配置地址    15 MB    Views 1217


calendar ipad contacts access
+25    If you use Ebix’s industryleading SmartOffice for client and calendar management, iSmartOffice is the easytouse mobile app you’ve been waiting for. With iSmartOffice, you can use your iPad to: · Access SmartOffice contacts o Custom data o Activities o Documents o SmartPad notes · Access your ...    4 MB    Views 4328
-7    中央社為台灣連結世界最重要的新聞平台,以即時、豐富的新聞讓世界看見台灣。中央社新聞廣泛被國內外網站、報紙、雜誌、電視台、廣播電台,及行動通訊業者採用。 中央社「一手新聞 iPhone APP版」提供最快、最新、最即時的國內外財經證券、國際兩岸、社會、地方、體育、娛樂、文教、生活、政治新聞,讓您隨時掌握第一手消息。    2 MB    Views 3899
Related Apps calculator iphone twitter
+20    LilCalc is the first Calculator app for Apple Watch Perform calculations quickly without having to pull out your iPhone. Or use the iPhone version for a more luxurious tapping experience :) Everything you expect out of a basic calculator. Addition Subtraction Division Multiplication Stay tuned for ...    161 kb    Views 4221 App

iphone mortgage
+13 Selling Toronto Real Estate has his own Iphone APP now This new app will allow you to do quick mortgage calculations on your iphone, calculate land transfer tax and contact a mortgage professional to get qualified for a mortgage.    9 MB    Views 3186

LaPrima Immobiliare

iphone immobiliare informazioni tuo
+21    L'Applicazione per il tuo iPhone de LaPrima Immobiliare Srl. Scopri gli immobili in vendita, in affitto, le attività commerciali per Como e la sua Provincia. Centinaia di offerte aggiornate all'istante e disponibili sul tuo iPhone. Un nuovo sistema per cercare casa in ...    3 MB    Views 7187
Related Apps iphone futures phone quotes mobile
+14    产品介绍: 东证期货手机期货能为期货投资客户提供全方位的期货行情、期货买卖、账户查询、期货资讯等服务。 掌上财富“iPhone版”根据iPhone手机量身定做,独特酷炫的操作感受,灵活方便的行情交易功能。 使用步骤: 1.发送短信14901到13918506080免费注册 2.下载并安装本软件 3.启动掌上财富输入帐号和密码登录 MOBILE PHONE FUTURES of ORIENT FUTURES can provide the following service,futures quotes,futures exchange,accout inquiry,futures information,etc. The iPhone version of MOBILE PHONE FUTURES is based on iPhone Platform to be built.the unique user feeling,convenient quotes view and trade function is it's important ...    7 MB    Views 4641


Related Apps iphone currency converter
+4    A powerful yet simple currency converter, Currency provides uptodate exchange rates for over 150 currencies and countries Great for when you travel abroad. Currency has been the 1 currency converter for iPhone since 2008, launching as one of the first 500 ...    15 MB    Views 417
+3    パチンコユーザーにおすすめ! 『教えて大当たり』は、あなたが選んだパチンコ台のこれからの大当たりをヒミコ姫(本アプリキャラクター)が教えてくれる無料アプリです! どの台にしようか迷う…、気になるあの台は大当たりがすぐ来るのか気になる…、そんなパチンコユーザーの背中を押してくれるお助けアプリ! ▼占いたい台の機種名、現在の回転数、過去の低確率時に当たった時の大当たり回転数情報を入力するだけで、ヒミコ姫(本アプリキャラクター)の占いにより、あなたが選んだパチンコ台についてお告げをくれます。 ▼一度占った情報は占い履歴として30件まで残ります。 ▼占い履歴をタップすると過去の入力データが確認できるので、低確率時に当たった時の大当たり回転数を入力しなおすだけで、手間なく気軽に何度でも占うことができます。 ▼低確率時の大当たり回転数を多く入力すればするほど精度の高い占いができます。 ヒミコ姫(本アプリキャラクター)からのお告げをあなたのパチンコライフにお役立てください! ■動作機種■ iPhone 4 iPhone 4S iPhone 5 ■動作するiOS■ iOS 5.1以上 ■注意事項■ ※本アプリ占い結果は本アプリの見解であり、その結果を保証するものではございません。また、内容の正確性につきましても保証するものではございません。 ※本アプリの占い結果に従って行動し損害を被ったとしても、当社は一切の責任を負いません。 ※本アプリは当社独自の計算ロジックを使用しています。 ※各パチンコメーカー様がオフィシャルで公表しているものではありません。    NAN    Views 3297

iLogFuel Lite

Related Apps iphone urban lite
-8    The "iLogFuel Lite" application developed for iPhone allows you to keep a list of the fuel consumption (Gasoline, Petrol) of your cars giving an analysis of miles per gallon (gallons per 100miles) on Urban, Combined and Extra Urban cycles (please ...    914 kb    Views 8852


+10    The APLMA mobile app is quick and easy to use, enabling Members to view forthcoming events, register for events online, locate event venues via Google Maps, and search the APLMA contact database. The app can be used on iPhones and other ...    22 MB    Views 8271


finance student handy information tool contacts funding questions
+22    This handy, free to download app from the National Association of Student Money Advisers (NASMA) will provide information and tools to help you in your time as a student and beyond. Within the app you will find information and contacts that ...    9 MB    Views 8757


iphone flex din
+1    FLEX personalsystem i din iPhone. FLEX App gör det möjligt för dig att se dina lönespecifikationer och/eller arbetstider direkt i din iPhone.    NAN    Views 6223
iphone hamburg
+1    Burstah Lofts Hamburg ist ein iPhone Magazin über das Wohnquartier in Hamburg. Fotos und Videos ermöglichen Ihnen einen kleinen Einblick auf die Wohnqualität eines Frankonia Produktes. Updates in der App informieren Sie regelmäßig zu dem Projekt.    5 MB    Views 3444
Related Apps iphone futures quotes phone mobile
-9    产品介绍: 掌上财富能为期货、证券等金融投资客户提供全方位的期货行情、证券行情、期货交易、账号查询、银期转账、金融资讯等服务。 掌上期货“iPhone版”根据iPhone量身定做,独特酷炫的操作感受,灵活方便的行情交易功能。 使用步骤: 1.发送短信17101到13918506080注册 2.下载并安装本软件 3.启动掌上财富输入帐号和密码登录 MOBILE PHONE FUTURES can provide the following service,futures quotes,futures exchange,accout inquiry,futures information,etc. The iPhone version of MOBILE PHONE FUTURES is based on iPhone Platform to be built.the unique user feeling,convenient quotes view and trade function is it's important features.    6 MB    Views 8153
Related Apps iphone search person email fields version application tags remove contacts
+13    NOW Compatible with IOS8. PowerConnect for Infusionsoft for iPhone is the ultimate way to quickly search and edit your existing Infusionsoft contacts. Start out with the free version of the app, then use the inapp purchase to grow to Lite or ...    653 kb    Views 2805
iphone pour
+5    Application de mobile banking de la Société Générale Calédonienne de Banque pour iPhone    19 MB    Views 5368

Precious Metals App

iphone prices precious metal
+6    Get realtime precious metal prices on your iPhone or Ipad. You can now stream gold prices, silver prices, and platinum prices to your iPhone, including calculating how much your metal is worth by weight. Programmed by Henk Tillman    357 kb    Views 1782

MobileBooks Lite

business iphone running product version track lite catalog customers contacts
-7    MobileBooks Run your business from the iPhone. NOTE: MobileBooks Lite is the free version of Mobilebooks. While there are no restrictions on use, any PDFs created or sent with this version will indicate that the Lite version is in use. Reviews: "This is ...    949 kb    Views 7434
+20    UrbanCrowd for iPhone is an iPhone client for registered users. For easily accessing our latest project informations, blog posts and news.    2 MB    Views 8883


Related Apps iphone application orders
-2    The Currenex iPhone application helps Currenex institutional clients monitor the market, view open orders and done trades, and place orders while away from their Currenex desktop application. Please contact Currenex Support to enable your existing account for the iPhone application.    3 MB    Views 3153
Related Apps search iphone check locations
+2    Bank wherever you are with SECU for iPhone Check balances, make transfers, and find locations while you’re on the go. Available to credit union members who have enrolled in the service online. For more information, go to With iPhone in ...    5 MB    Views 8565
iphone bank
+14    With Dena Bank application for iPhone, easily get the latest information about our products and services. You can also find your closest Dena Bank ATM and Dena Bank Branch.    4 MB    Views 2550

Phone Minutes

Related Apps iphone pay minutes mobile phone
+15    Do you use a prepay or payasyougo iPhone? Use Phone Minutes to calculate how much talk time you have remaining Simply input how much credit you have, amount of bonus minutes (if you have any) and your call rate. UK users can ...    1 MB    Views 1377

Paprika Contacts

software contact client tasks details notes update edit contacts
+19    ==== IMPORTANT ==== To use this application you must have Paprika running as your agency management system including the "iPhone" module and have a valid useraccount for your database, along with the REACT option in your menu group. For further details please ...    642 kb    Views 1530

OCCU Alerts

iphone alerts
+5    Access all of the OCCU VISA Alerts features and more on your iPhone with our new iPhone application. You can now check your account balances, transfer funds between your accounts and manage your alerts all on your handset.    4 MB    Views 2977


Related Apps view contacts mobile website account
0    The DonorElf mobile app allows missionaries to view their support account information directly from their mobile phone. View your dashboard View your contacts Add and Edit Contacts Call or Email your Contacts View your donations IMPORTANT This is a free ...    1 MB    Views 7780


iphone date
0    Rahastot makes it easy to check the values of Seligson & Co funds. iPhone and iPad provide different views to the information in different orientations. On the iPhone see graphs by tapping a fun. Hold down your finger in the ...    1 MB    Views 5547

I owe

-6    【アプリ概要】 ■通貨情報を含めたお金の貸し借りを管理するアプリです。 精算時の通貨が貸し借りした時の通貨と異なる場合も、その時のレートで自動計算してくれます。 【使用上の注意点】 ① 各地の通貨レート情報取得のためネットワークに接続していることが必要となります。 ② このアプリはiphone 5、iphone 5sで最適化されています。    5 MB    Views 7959


business iphone track built contacts customer send
-8    MobileBooks Run your business from the iPhone. Features: Quickly create and send estimates, invoices and receipts right in front of your customers via email. Send a copy to yourself for paperless backup. Balance your accounts and keep track of your ...    956 kb    Views 2107


+9    Stay up to date with the latest treasury and finance thought leadership, news, and credit rating changes from around the world with gtnews for iPhone, sponsored by Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Updated constantly, gtnews for iPhone allows you to ...    313 kb    Views 53
0    Be connected on the go 24/7 The Allegacy Mobile Banking app for iPhone enables you to manage your accounts, view latest transactions, pay bills, transfer funds, and locate our branch and ATM network using your iPhone's geolocation. To learn how we ...    10 MB    Views 471
+6    简介: 会计专业英汉词典,是一个经典的词典离线小工具,无需联网的随身专业词典… 主要功能: 强大的离线功能 > 所有的数据都在本地,不需要连接网络 > 因为离线,随时随地都可以翻阅 > 离线版,同时保持合理的大小,省空间 强大的查找功能 > 支持手写输入,汉字检索功能 > 支持方便的简拼检索功能 > 支持强大的首字匹配检索功能 > 支持实用的尾字匹配检索功能 > 支持无敌的模糊检索功能 强大的词典解释 > 支持详细的英汉解释 > 支持更多全面解释 全面的支持 > iPhone 4,iPhone 4S,Retina iPhone5高清屏幕 > iPad1,2,3,4, iPad mini 及高清屏幕 > 支持iOS 6.0 联系我们 新浪微博 奇异果岛 您的肯定是我们动力,您的意见是我们改进的方向。    3 MB    Views 9737
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