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+21    ION Trading’s Platform Monitor is an ION Platform solution providing mobile access to the ION Platform's Performance and Status indicators. It allows Platform Administrators and Business Managers to remotely monitor the health and performance of any ION Platform. Visualize the current ...    5 MB    Views 3457
+19    IronFX Social Trader offers online traders live access to their trading account via mobile The application is highly customizable, and fully synchronized with IronFX Social Web Trader. Existing registered clients and guests can enjoy a wide range of customized features. View ...    1 MB    Views 8629

CloneAlgo Pro

+4    CloneAlgo Pro Smartphone Application Make most of your every single penny with the CloneAlgo Pro Smartphone Application for investment in Stocks. It is based on a revolutionary concept of artificial intelligence based algorithms that can be cloned as per your preferences. Features Incredibly ...    15 MB    Views 7582


0    AccountsApp provides a rich functionality for your daily account management. With this app you can manage your ledgers from anywhere and at any time. The application helps you track your spending. Keep backup of your all your ledgers and mail ...    4 MB    Views 9519
+25    IDL.Consolidation.Monitor is a mobile process control center that visualizes the status of company financial statements as well as consolidated group financial statements. Based on their respective roles in the process, mobile users can view their open tasks or those of their ...    5 MB    Views 3972
+6    Instantly capture human emotion in financial markets as it happens Financial markets are not purely rational. Emotions (the “animal spirits” coined by Keynes) play a large part in stock pricing. •H2O Sentiment App provides financial sentiment analysis for investors to discover, react ...    1 MB    Views 491


total bill based set tip
-1    This is a simple and easy to use tip calculator, based on UISliders. This app calculates the tip based on a percentage you set, the total bill and the total bill split into the number of people that you set. ...    347 kb    Views 7419

My Sage Pay

-2    The MySagePay app allows Sage Pay customers to monitor their transactions via a mobile device, making it easier for businesses to access uptodate information while on the move. The MySagePay app will work for Sage Pay customers who already have admin ...    NAN    Views 6380

Bilancio Famigliare

monitor balance expenses simple transaction
+7    Bilancio Famigliare is a tool for tracking expenses and income made to be simple to use. Through a chart, you know whether you're spending most of the proceeds. You can use this application in various ways, such as planning your monthly budget ...    8 MB    Views 5470
+1    Deal shares and funds wherever you are. Our free app lets you monitor your portfolio and gives you access to financial prices, news and research so you can make and act on your trading decisions all on the move. You ...    10 MB    Views 9336
monitor time data usage device pro works provider real
+25    Manage the Data Usage on your device in Real Time. Data Monitor Pro will monitor both Cellular (4G/LTE/3G/Edge/GPRS) and WiFi data usage in real time from your device. This app will let you be in control of your data ...    3 MB    Views 9804


calculator set
+11    This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true calculator functionality. For the first time on the software market Meet a unique calculator that counts in a completely wrong way. Make fun of your friends, blow their minds ...    4 MB    Views 9560
monitor bitcoin pool slush token realtime
-2    Bitcoin Slush's Pool Monitor Realtime Bitcoin market monitor Realtime Slush's Pool statistics for your account Simple viewer without any Ads To use this app, you need to get your API Token from:    575 kb    Views 622

AndyBooks Mini

categories set entries mini
+4    AndyBooks Mini is a quick and easy pocket bookkeeping program. It has a nofrills approach, accounts are presented clearly & cleanly and entering information is kept simple and efficient. Account are classified into categories, you can set these up in advance ...    1 MB    Views 8970
monitor money bitcoin currency designed
+30    BitRate Bitcoin Monitor allows you to track the exchange rate between Bitcoin and various currencies across the most popular exchanges. BitRate provides useful uptodate statistics about the Bitcoin currency, and allows you to always know what your Bitcoins are worth, even ...    4 MB    Views 7342

Daily Budget Lite

budget monitor history daily day days week
+6    Simplest Daily Budget is a daily budget manager designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Simplest Daily Budget allows you to monitor your day to day budget with the daily budget you chose. 
Simplicity at its best. No complicated stuff to configure, no ...    12 MB    Views 4180


time monitor utrade access easy real stop quotes trade
-8    Keep track and know what's happening in the FX markets and trade them with ease on the go Take immediate actions on opportunities and monitor your positions from anywhere. With UTRADE FX, you can: Have easy access to Real Time FX quotes ...    10 MB    Views 5577

CHS - Grain Trading

Related Apps monitor dtn portal application mobile grain trading cash view
+8    CHS Grain Trading mobile application is an easy & simple solution for producers to receive the price for the grain they work hard to grow. With the functionality of the DTN Portal now available in a mobile application, you will ...    3 MB    Views 5242
+18    Monitor your daytoday spending. Sort, View and Plot the spending for yearly, monthly, daily and items. Automatically asks to enter your budget every month. Feature to manage your budget (Budgeting). Provides Spending Analysis (swipe gesture). Process driven spending entries. Risk ...    2 MB    Views 3585

Power Trader Mobile

Related Apps monitor trade portfolio power trader mobile
+4    Stay connected to the market and your accounts with Virtual Brokers stateoftheart iPhone native Power Trader Mobile App which is designed to be userfriendly, fast, secure and reliable. No matter where life takes you, monitor your portfolio, check balances and ...    7 MB    Views 5866
Related Apps set download license book application
-7    SET eBook Application : แหล่งเรียนรู้ด้วยตนเองสำหรับผู้ค้นหาอิสรภาพทางการเงิน โดยการต่อยอดเงินออมให้งอกเงยผ่านการลงทุน และสำหรับผู้ประกอบวิชาชีพในธุรกิจหลักทรัพย์ ซึ่งครอบคลุมความรู้ ทั้งด้านการบริหารการเงินส่วนบุคคล การบริหารธุรกิจ การเงินและการลงทุน ในตราสารทุกประเภท ได้แก่ กองทุนรวม ตราสารหนี้ หุ้น อนุพันธ์ เป็นต้น รวมทั้งตำราสำหรับการสอบหลักสูตรที่เกี่ยวกับธุรกิจหลักทรัพย์ต่างๆ ไม่ว่าจะเป็น Single License (SL), CISA, CFP และ Derivative License (DL) นอกจากนี้ ยังเป็นขุมทรัพย์ความรู้ด้านการออมและการลงทุนสำหรับเยาวชนอีกด้วย ===== ระบบร้านหนังสือที่ใช้งานง่าย ค้นหาหนังสือด้วยเงื่อนไขต่างๆ ได้ มีหนังสือหลากหลาย มีหนังสือ sample ให้ทดลองอ่าน หนังสือที่ซื้อแล้ว สามารถลบหนังสือเพื่อประหยัดพื้นที่ได้ ...    15 MB    Views 6314

iShares ETFs

monitor performance fund filter etfs information exposure documents holdings
-5    iShares gives you mobile options. Now it's easy to track iShares ETFs with this free iShares iPhone App. Monitor iShares fund performance, get the latest information on iShares products, filter by holdings exposure, and create your own iShares ETF watch ...    4 MB    Views 6333

Culculator Lite

calculator set
+5    This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true calculator functionality. For the first time on the software market Meet a unique calculator that counts in a completely wrong way. Make fun of your friends, blow their minds ...    4 MB    Views 2064

Pool Monitor

monitor pool pools coin account
+4    Monitor your account on pools. Pool Monitor displays information about hashrate, alive workers and amount of currency on your account. Supported pools: Multipool LiteGuardian Wemine pools Coinotron Give Me Coin Fixx PeerCoin Pool D7 Pool Hypernova (1) cryptocoinpool (1) MineLitecoin ...    661 kb    Views 1889


-8    iPassNote361 is a set of account and code management apps. Everyone has numerous important data in life that need to be documented, especially from the internet or bank account and code data. However, these data are mostly written down only ...    4 MB    Views 43
budget money manager set spent
+4    The Budget Manager App is a great way for users to set aside some money that can be spent each day. Using it’s simple yet modern user interface, the app will allow you to: Add your daily transactions Set monthly ...    5 MB    Views 6685

Fidelity Charitable

monitor time fidelity charitable grant giving service set grants mark recommendations
+1    Now you can monitor your Giving Account and recommend grants using your iPhone. This free Fidelity Charitable App lets you: Recommend grants Monitor the status of grants and contributions View Investment Pool balances See future onetime and recurring grant recommendations You have ...    2 MB    Views 7907
+12    Monitor spending on the go, Sync your data across devices. Get unpaid bills alerts and control your budget. Yomaney gives you a clear picture of what you spending your money on.    26 MB    Views 1300

8 Now!

monitor portfolio service account performance anytime
+14    8 Now is a simple new way to own and automate a global investment portfolio. 8 Now gives you the benefit of a professional portfolio that is designed just for you. Your portfolio is globally diversified and automatically optimized as ...    NAN    Views 4796


Related Apps stock market monitor top prices details mobile listing trader
+26    Welcome to eAllianceShare Mobile Trader eAllianceShare mobile trader application provides investor with an alternative to view BURSA Malaysia market prices. This free application is easy to use and allow investor to monitor their trades anytime. Key features: Place BUY and SELL stocks orders ...    6 MB    Views 7264

Budget App

Related Apps money budget monitor limited limit application change
+4    Stay in control and monitor your daily, weekly or monthly spendings with the help of this budget tracker application. Set yourself a limit and debit all your payments. You can always see how much money is left until your budget ...    305 kb    Views 6862


Related Apps time money monitor task tasks expense add appointment amount monthly set spend
-1    ZenExpense is a unique new way of managing your time and money. It makes it easy and simple to reach your goals by offering Intelligent Suggestions. Check if your next purchase will set you back and which amount would be ...    17 MB    Views 2914

Lottery Free

set numbers lottery draws random picks
+5    Helps to find your lottery picks. It draws a set of random numbers out of a given range. Random picks usually lead to higher winnings than the usual birthdays and lucky numbers because fewer players sharing the same set. Can be ...    287 kb    Views 3926
monitor account bank mobile deposit checks alerts transactions
+27    Bank anytime, anywhere from your mobile device using our FREE Mobile Banking App. Access your accounts, deposit checks and find locations and ATM’s. This will replace the FCB Mobile Deposit App and requires an account with First Commons Bank, N.A. Features: • Deposit checks ...    13 MB    Views 8175

World Monitor

monitor world
+23    Application for World Monitor Magazine    3 MB    Views 4693

Absolute Energy

monitor dtn portal mobile application cash offers price updating
+12    Absolute Energy’s mobile app is an easy & simple solution for producers to receive the price for the grain they work hard to grow. With the functionality of the Absolute Energy’s DTN Portal available in a mobile application, you will ...    3 MB    Views 5184

Altcoin Monitor

monitor information support btc wallet coins mining access
-6    Altcoin Monitor gives you access to all the essential information that you need as an altcoin miner. Exchange information: monitor coins of your choice on two of the biggest altcoin exchanges Cryptsy support Vircurex support number of monitored coins is unlimited ...    2 MB    Views 4145

Green Plains Grain

0    Green Plains Grain mobile application is an easy & simple solution for producers to receive the price for the grain they work hard to grow. With the functionality of the DTN Portal now available in a mobile application, you will ...    31 MB    Views 7941


monitor account schedule payments tab check
+3    The FuturePay Mobile App provides secure access to your FuturePay account, allowing you to manage your FuturePay tab with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch at anytime from virtually anywhere. The App lets you check your balances, schedule payments in seconds ...    2 MB    Views 105
Related Apps market monitor skins community digital users sell price game
+17    CS GO Market Monitor provides users with up to minute pricing and analysis of digital items (skins) on the Steam Community Market Never miss out on deals again with CS GO Market Monitor Select the Skins you want to monitor, ...    6 MB    Views 417
price gold set international local
+7    Local Gold price in Pakistan is different from International Price. This app provides both rates. The local gold price is set daily by Karachi Saraf & Jewellers Association. This price is set as a benchmark for over the counter gold shopping. ...    5 MB    Views 3711


monitor equipment energy manage
-5    Manage your energy and assets enterprisewide. The SiteSage app allows you to control HVAC and critical equipment, and monitor energy usage, all in real time, quickly and easily on the go. Use your iPhone to remotely monitor and change thermostat ...    10 MB    Views 611

Future Deposit

Related Apps future deposit add item date set
-5    From the income and expenses, calculate the future deposit. Please help us to design future unwise. 1. Add button to add items. Added support for 295 foreign currencies. Please enter the smallest currency unit (ex. cents in the USD). 2. Set a date. 3. Tap ...    1 MB    Views 2002
Related Apps monitor palmetto mobile
-3    Monitor and manage all of your First Palmetto accounts right from your iPhone. You can monitor your balances, keep track of your purchases, find an ATM, conveniently pay your bills, and send money to others through this secure mobile app.    2 MB    Views 5976
home search monitor rate loan closing cost mortgage chat refinance alerts set
-5    Loanly brings you innovative features that make mortgage shopping a breeze Get realtime rate quotes, chat with several loan agents, save loan search criteria for future quick access, set up rate alerts, see if rate and closing cost changed from ...    12 MB    Views 2058

Wedding Budgeteer

budget wedding photos email monitor send items life
-3    Weddings are meant to be the one of the happiest moments in anyone's life. However, the behind the scenes it can also be one of the most stressful moments of life. This app will monitor some of the financial stress ...    17 MB    Views 9043
deal capital manage set
-9    Evolved Capital offers a set of tools to help streamline the venture capital deal process and improve deal negotiations. Our full tool set can help VCs and entrepreneurs do sophisticated deal analytics quickly, as well as manage their outreach to ...    21 MB    Views 3228
Related Apps monitor budget month expenses easy data valuta remaining
+1    A clear understanding of your expenses and / or remaining budget, every month again. This App is easy to use and can be used for whatever you like, think about: A digital checkbook Monitor what you save each month Monitor ...    811 kb    Views 8011

IEC 收支管家

budget money set expenses
-5    IEC Money Tracker: Allinone companion to plan budget and track expenses. Userfriendly interfaces for expense and income tracking anytime, anywhere. Set budget and review gaps for planned and actual expenses in diagrams to help realise your saving goals. Allow customisation ...    9 MB    Views 6947


Related Apps time market monitor ltc btc real service information
-6    OKCoin Handheld App provides you with a secure, fast, and stable BTC/LTC trading service. By using the OKCoin App you can conveniently monitor market trends and receive the latest information. Buy and Sell BTC/LTC, make changes to, and monitor your ...    7 MB    Views 4712


Related Apps stock market monitor online trading account top listing
+5    Malacca Securities now offers free M+Online App for your iPhone and iPad M+Online App is a revolutionary application suite that features comprehensive trading, market monitoring on mobile platform. With convenient, fast and secure access to your trading account, you can monitor your ...    9 MB    Views 4430


market set check currency clients commodity rate
+16    Balaji Rate is Light Weight and User friendly App and by using this clients can view live Delhi market, Commodity and Currency rate data on real time basis.Clients can set Portfolio,Set Alert,Set Flash message,check market depth depend on his requirement. ...    1 MB    Views 6935

Coin Mining Monitor

monitor market pools pool coin api bitcoin add contact
+4    Monitor your digital coin miners on several pools simultaneously If you have accounts on different pools like Slush, BTCGuild, etc., you can keep track of your Bitcoin, Namecoin, Litecoin, Peercoin rewards and your workers on that pools at the same ...    842 kb    Views 4804
Related Apps monitor time apple work data usage plan enterprise statistics set features multiple
+9    Your superweapon against overage. Brilliant for business. And ready for work. Apple Watch Now you can use DataMan on your Apple Watch. Optimize with just the right amount of information, right on your wrist. Data Widget. Instantly check your usage ...    NAN    Views 9036


budget data set expense daily export pdf
+10    แอพที่ช่วยให้การวางแผนการเงิน เป็นเรื่องง่าย ๆ ติดตามการใช้จ่ายรายวันให้เป็นไปตามงบประมาณที่วางไว้ในแต่ละเดือน ตั้งเป้าหมายการใช้จ่ายรายเดือน (รายรับ รายจ่าย เงินออม) บันทึกค่าใช้จ่ายในแต่ละวัน ดูสรุปข้อมูลการใช้จ่ายในรูปแบบแผนภูมิ ตั้งเวลาเตือนให้บันทึกข้อมูลได้สม่ำเสมอ Export รายละเอียดการใช้จ่ายในแต่ละวัน เป็นไฟล์ PDF Manage your daily budget easily Set your monthly budget ( Income Expense Saving) Keep tracking your daily expense View your chart data in ...    9 MB    Views 3230
Related Apps banking monitor citizens bank mobile information contact account find secure
-8    Bank virtually anywhere and anytime with Citizens Bank & Trust’s Mobile Banking App Just like in Online Banking, sign in with your secure credentials, knowing your information is protected by encryption technology. Citizens Mobile is fast, safe, secure and available ...    13 MB    Views 82


money budget spending set day
+7    If you're trying to stay on top of your finances by sticking to a budget, it's a good idea to keep a record of everything you spend but it can be hard work writing it all down in a ...    NAN    Views 397


stock monitor equities indices historical interactive portfolio portfolios
+11    The BM&FBOVESPA Quotations app was created to you monitoring your equities and the financial market’s activity. • Portfolio registration: register your portfolios and check the variations to your stock portfolios. • You can use Facebook Connect to salve your portfolio. • Historical data: monitor the historical ...    15 MB    Views 163
Related Apps text monitor alerts message enrollment set mobile activity
-8    Monitor your BankPlus CheckCard activity with realtime email notifications and/or text message alerts. You have the power to immediately detect any unauthorized CheckCard usage. Once you’ve created a secure passcode for logging on to BankPlus Mobile Alerts, you can set up ...    4 MB    Views 2685


monitor goals bank piggy achieve track
0    A virtual piggy bank to monitor your piggy bank No more anxiety Want to track how many coins you are saving on your piggy bank? The ApPig will help you. Save money with a purpose has never been so easy and ...    12 MB    Views 8560
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