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+25    Do you want to plan and keep track of your income and expenses? Tired of complex apps with too many unnecessary features? Especially for you, a simple and very userfriendly application "My Finances". With it your budget will be under control ==Description:== Pretty design, easy ...    27 MB    Views 3433

Suitcase S

+1    Suitcase S gives shopping lists a redefinition. The idea of this app is to simplify the using process and improve the usage of sense. The only way to use it is to “SLIDE”. Connecting with community websites, you can upload ...    70 MB    Views 9623

Bingo Savings

+3    Bingo Savings is your personal money saving calculator _______________ Who is it designed for? Bingo saving is the easiest and most user friendly Personal Finance App that offers budgets for all your expenses and income with progress per each category. Bingo saving ...    7 MB    Views 2084

Bill Reminders

+17    Bill Reminders allows you to track your bills, payments and payees. Stay on top of your bills, and never pay a late fee again Features: create/edit/delete bills onetime and recurring bills make payments against bills associate multiple payments with a bill ...    2 MB    Views 7233

Purchase Log

+3    This app is a tool to track purchases and monitor spending. Simply add purchases whenever you make them, and delete old ones when you no longer need to worry about them. Using the location feature, you can see where you ...    2 MB    Views 6368

Easy Expenses HD

Related Apps income total add saving expenses summary transaction delete expense easy
-2    Use Easy Expenses to quickly track your income, expenses and savings View reports of each day, month, year and Today. The summary detail consist of total income, total expense and total saving, total saving withdrawal and balance. The Setting menu provides function ...    883 kb    Views 3064
search money allowance graph advanced type delete simple password setting color
+23    It is at the top of the app SimplePocketMoneyLite. Simple pocket money book Lite is to stop the development Please use the Simple PocketMoney2. It is a simple book allowance. "Easy to understand," "can be entered easily," I'm aiming. The main features are ...    42 MB    Views 68
apps trips budget travel expenses servers add currency encrypted easy functions
+8    TravelMate is the ultimate app to manage your trips. Create groups, invite your travel mates, split costs in any currency, calculate your daily budget and never forget anything important again. Main functions: NEW: Calculate your daily budget NEW: Add expenses and ...    18 MB    Views 1421


application amounts ios delete save wallet
+1    The simpliest wallet manager application on AppStore. Really quick and simple use. It has fresh and new iOS 7 design. Application is exclusively optimized for iOS 7. Smart wallet application is good for childerns and adults. You can ... Add positive and negative ...    263 kb    Views 3572

Budget Booklet

+9    Budget Booklet is a simple application to help you to control your home budget. Following are the Budget Booklet features: Income: Create, edit and delete income transactions. View total of all transactions by month, scroll through different months to find out total income for ...    703 kb    Views 1780

Wedding Budget HD

wedding budget money application items prices spends categories forget add won
+29    Special Edition for iPad Organize your wedding with Wedding Budget and estimate all spends you will do It is always stressful to plunge into the world of wedding preparations: invitations, rings, flowers, food and more and more For sure, you will ...    55 MB    Views 4532
excel spreadsheet delete notes edition xls
-5    Notes.xls is a tiny spreadsheet for decision making. Sumup your everyday expenses, bank accounts, construction budgets and any other numbers you come across. Highlight what's important Think quantitative and keep trace of your analysis. Features: ● Type Excelsyntax formulas ● Swipe on the bottom bar to ...    10 MB    Views 8805
Related Apps money budget budgets amount show wiz create transactions add
-5    Stop asking the question that where my money went, and why there is no money left in my wallet. Budget Wiz keeps your money well managed and spent. By Budget Wiz, you can create income and expense budgets, which indicate how ...    15 MB    Views 9432

Team Expense

facebook time team member transaction message report delete send transactions real
-3    Team Expense is an easy approach to manage individual or team financial expenses that put you in full control. Team members can track all members expenses within the team, generate report, send message and many more. Key Features Transaction: Track transactions Add ...    3 MB    Views 9416

Travel Pocket

Related Apps travel trip budget time history money pocket currency add expenses currencies expense tool spending
-2    Travel Pocket is a personal trip expense tracker uniquely designed to carefully reflect all your cash operations while on a trip. The tool makes it easy to track your expenses in any world currency. Be it a spending on transport, ...    6 MB    Views 814
budget money bills apple tracker weekly expenses update add easily quickly great
+30    Keeping a budget helps you make sure you have all the money you need, when you need it. Weekling is the easiest, simplest tool to track your weekly budget and financial plans. And with the newest version of Weekling you can ...    5 MB    Views 8154
budget tracker expenses group manage income add flow cash track
+23    Do you want to manage your monthly expenses and keep track of your cash flow? Are you traveling and want to manage the expenses for each person in your group? In charge of a team? Then Group Budget is definitely ...    2 MB    Views 3914

iBudget Deluxe

Related Apps budget time search add transactions income spending report category yearly graph
-3    If you are looking for the best personal finance application, this is the app for you iBudget Deluxe helps you to track your spending and keep budget under control. You can add transactions to daily, weekly, monthly or yearly spending/income budget ...    2 MB    Views 6715
+13    All About SIMPLE. Auto iCloud backup You don't want a balance sheet. You don't want a complicated accounting books or apps Those are too difficult to learn You just want a simple, neat, beautiful app that can just put plus and minor factors. Well.. HERE IT ...    9 MB    Views 4679
Related Apps budget home application accounts items details month list plan add easy
+3    “Home Budget Solution for Managing your Expenditure” “App Leads to Plan your Funds” ____________ Version 1.1 ____________ Didn’t figure out where your salary is going at the end of the month? Unable to Trace the Records? However it is bit Difficult for Everyone to Remember the Transactions, ...    2 MB    Views 9022


Related Apps bills features delete support simple expense
+18    MapCost is a simple and location sensitive expense tracking app for everyday use. v1.3 Support iPad v1.2 New Features + Long press on map to add Selfdefine Venues + Export bills with mail + Batch delete bills from one venue + UI Improvement Features: Simple and easy ...    1 MB    Views 210


Related Apps browse travel business trip expense create edit delete project receipts reports
+10    Lite version of BizExpense which is available as a paid application. Limited to 5 expense entries. BizExpense is designed to help you track and report your business expenses. BizExpense is right for you if: you travel on business and get reimbursed by ...    2 MB    Views 684
Related Apps iphone money transactions accounts recurring delete view add income edit balance
+6    Check book + is smart and simple to use iPhone App for managing money in your multiple Accounts ( Checking,Savings,Cash,Credit Card ). It has a very simple and easy to use User Interface that anyone who isn’t even good with ...    9 MB    Views 285
Related Apps budget bills ipad history home expenses budgets add income view delete transactions edit basis find
+2    Fully compatible with iPad and new iPad with Retina Display Graphics. Must have financial Application for Every iPad User Home Budget manager is all Inclusive personnel budget manager simplifies daily expenses tracking and monthly budgeting, it’s easy to use and ...    31 MB    Views 3745

History Calc

+3    "History Calc" is a calculator can see the history of the calculation. Erase the history line by line, the only app. To avoid mistakes many people make two calculations. Using this application, by checking the input history, allowing accurate calculation once. In ...    8 MB    Views 3389

Money iQ Lite

budget facebook money management ipad accounts transactions categories data add balance currency http defined
-3    iPad app is also available with devices synching LITE is limited to 100 transactions and doesn't have iCloud sync capabilities. Purchase FULL version NOW Intelligent application packed with innovative features that make managing personal or business finances effortless. Money iQ offers multiple ...    9 MB    Views 4156
Related Apps budget time month expense select add months view set debit
-3    Do you need to track your finances each month so that you remain within the budget you set for yourself? Do you need to track future expenditure to see the months when you may have to find additional financing to ...    1 MB    Views 8111

My Coin Collection

+15    My Coin Collection allows you to keep track of all of your collected coins. You can import photos of them from your ipad/ipod/iphone or you can take a photo of each add it. You can put notes and information about ...    3 MB    Views 8226

Friends & Coins

money history people person friends owe application delete amount coins modify
-9    Privacy: This app works exclusively offline. No statistics are generated. Your data will never be sent to any third party or Cloud service, contrary to other apps. Moreover, you can chose to give the app access to your contacts. Friends & Coins ...    536 kb    Views 1614

Simple Budget: Week

budget green week simple expense add view weeks amount track
+2    Do you need to keep track of your expenditure each week? Do you have trouble keeping within your weekly budget? Well, if so, then this App is for you. It is a simple to use weekly budget App. Simple Budget ...    2 MB    Views 2027

Money iQ HD

budget facebook management money accounts transactions data categories add http balance currency multiple
+11    Intelligent application packed with innovative features that make managing personal or business finances effortless. Money iQ offers multiple accounts management, smart budgeting, instant currency conversion, statistical reporting, balance view for assets, liabilities and net worth, transactions scheduling, records emailing and ...    17 MB    Views 8537
Related Apps money card expense manage track expenses pocket categories income delete
-6    Feel challenging to recollect How much, where you spend your money. Maintain tracking of money you borrowed or viceversa, Want to track your daily expense, here is the easy and common solution. Pocket Expense is one of the best tool to ...    6 MB    Views 4204
Related Apps work apps search commerce administrator mobile view manage module order delete shop
+12    "Mobile eCommerce Administrator for WordPress" is a packetclient of server applications. Using this application Administrator is able to view and manage WordPress eCommerce shops which work within CMS WordPress module, and the visitors can view, search Products and make purchases at ...    1 MB    Views 5723

Exa Receipts

iphone search receipts delete receipt summary simple add sync quick online
+25    If you're looking for a simple way to manage your receipts and keep a record of them online; ExaReceipts is what you've been searching for. This iPhone app is a convenient platform to manage your daily expenses. No longer do you ...    2 MB    Views 834
calculator money sale management accounts add account manager calculators delete
+1    Now more calculators in one app. The main calculator is still the Money Management Calculator for those that follow a system. But to add value to this app, I added yet another tip calculator, and also an On Sale calculator ...    263 kb    Views 3750

PIN! Lite

card cards security apple pin required pattern mobile numbers number delete
+14    The secure PINcode management App for all debit and credit cards and any other sensitive number combinations Encrypt all your PIN numbers with a new innovative and secure method. To use this App you need to remember a particular ...    9 MB    Views 2853
Related Apps business banking payments secure transfers contact delete ach
+19    BankPlus brings mobile banking to your iPhone with BankPlus2Go. Simple, free and secure, the BankPlus2Go for Business app allows you to enjoy the convenience of online banking anytime or anywhere Features and benefits include: Balances: View your business deposit and loan ...    836 kb    Views 2018

Currency Calc HD

-9    "Currency Calc HD" is a calculator can see the history of the calculation for Finance. Wants to reinvent the calculator made this app. To avoid mistakes many people make two calculations. Using this application, by checking the input history, allowing accurate calculation ...    662 kb    Views 5608


time activities project single projects tracking description delete integrated
+14    TimeTrack is an easy to use program to track staff hours at the level of activities. The target group for the application are iPhone and iPod Touch users who regularly (eg daily or weekly) need to provide reports for projects ...    1 MB    Views 5102
Related Apps shopping ipad facebook twitter iphone budget planning list support item items multiple features share add
-5    Smart Shopping List is a feature rich and easy to use shopping list app Great for doing your weekly groceries and planning for parties and holidays. A holiday shopping tip: If you are planning to get gifts for your friends ...    16 MB    Views 6565
Related Apps card person search spending credit cash add modify delete track category
+14    All updates are FREE Time Limited Offer The price is only 50% of actual price Get it now,while it's really cheap. This tool is a most powerful expense log that keeps track of your cash spending and credit card spending.No complex operations,no impractical functions.It's ...    1 MB    Views 6965


Related Apps money budget add
+4    The simplest budget manager there is. Set a budget and then simply add or remove money. A log is created each time you add or subtract money along with the description of what that money is from or was to. No ...    172 kb    Views 3063
Related Apps budget personal money expenses manager sign add incomes options transfers
+6    Managing your money is boring and time consuming, right? NOT ANYMORE Introducing the "Personal Budget Manager" (PBM) an allinone solution to managing your money. This application is fully featured with the following: Add transactions quicker than any other app out there ...    5 MB    Views 1069


family budget expenses add members families learn compare feature unique
0    Family Finance is a unique budget tracking tool that not only lets you track your own expenses, but also the expenses of your whole family. Create family projects, add members and let them add their own budget information to the ...    12 MB    Views 3598
list screen swipe move create delete background completed
+14    GLOBAL SMASH HIT Downloaded in OVER 60 COUNTRIES Simple and fast controls: Swipe to create, mark as complete and delete lists Super customisation: Colours, stars and background photos Share using email, facebook & twitter INSTRUCTIONS: Pull down from the top of the screen ...    4 MB    Views 3580

Cash Vault Lite

Related Apps budget email calculator time cards accounts expenses cash easily report monthly built entries add
+6    Funnest way to track your expenses and budget Cash Vault allows you to quickly manage your money as well as track your expenses against a monthly, weekly or fixed budget. It features a very clean and effective user interface that will ...    NAN    Views 4391
Related Apps iphone money transactions recurring accounts delete view add balance income edit
+4    Checkbook ledger is smart and simple to use iPhone App for managing money in your multiple Accounts ( Checking,Savings,Cash,Credit Card ). It has a very simple and easy to use User Interface that anyone who isn’t even good with accounting ...    9 MB    Views 2084

BelfiusWeb Tablet

banking card history business tablet payment isabel delete individual files
-9    BelfiusWeb Tablet Exclusive for business users of BelfiusWeb or BelfiusWeb via Isabel Belfius Bank Public & Wholesale Banking Description: BelfiusWeb Tablet is our new app for your tablet, designed to supplement BelfiusWeb or Isabel. You can now also use the main functions on the ...    12 MB    Views 2100
Related Apps ipad snowball agile debts repayment multiple support delete add financial
-9    On Sale Happy Holidays A Brand new version designed specifically for the iPad All the features of the existing agile snowball plus additional iPad interface. Features: •Multiple Snowball scanarios are now supported •Track multiple debts at once. •Add/Edit/Delete debts. •Add/Edit/Delete additional payments. •Detailed statistics ...    1 MB    Views 392


sum list color view left delete calculate data swipe
-8    TasuMemo is a tool for noting the numbers easily and calculating the "Sum" quickly. The format is each onecolumn titles, values, and grouping by color. It's useful for calculation of travel expenses, house hold account book, and so on. Please try using Main ...    242 kb    Views 9838

Simple Budget - Day

Related Apps budget green time day expense amount view simple chart add spending
+27    Simple Day Budget is an App that allows you to quickly and simply keep track of your spending per day. By tracking what you spend per day you can more effectively budget your money which will allow you to better ...    755 kb    Views 3978

Budget Calc App

Related Apps budget spending income expenses report add category transactions daily yearly
+12    Our calculator will help you to break down exactly where your money goes each month, and see how you can cut back on spending. This helps you track your spending and keep to a budget. You can easily see your total ...    1 MB    Views 6894
budget person email group expenses manage track income add reports flow
-7    Managing group expenses and incomes has never been so easy... Description: Do you want to manage your monthly expenses and keep track of your cash flow? Are you traveling and want to manage the expenses for each person in your group? In ...    2 MB    Views 9435

Currency Calc

history time calculator calc input currency line delete version
+3    "Currency Calc" is a calculator can see the history of the calculation for Finance. Erase the history line by line, the only app. To avoid mistakes many people make two calculations. Using this application, by checking the input history, allowing accurate calculation ...    497 kb    Views 399
apps work cart administrator manage mobile commerce view delete order products edit
-4    "Mobile Administrator for CSCart ecommerce" is a packetclient of server applications. Using this application Administrator is able to view and manage CSCart, and the visitors can view, search Products and make purchases at you eShop. "Mobile Administrator for CSCart ecommerce" includes: "Mobile ...    1 MB    Views 294


Related Apps browse travel trip business expense create delete edit currency project
-5    We will release a fix for the screen rotation issue on the iPad shortly. Please fully terminate and restart the app in portrait mode for now. Thank you for your patience. A lite version of BizExpense is available under the free ...    2 MB    Views 5665
Related Apps tracker budget support entries share income easy add expenses updates
0    The first and only collaborating income and expense tracker. Manage your budget together with your partner, your friends or your colleagues the easy way. Synchronisation Offline? No problem There is no need to be connected to the internet to add new ...    6 MB    Views 6289
Related Apps budget money bills finance personal amount expense income account show add transactions
-4    Get iSpend now, the most fullfeatured finance software that you can carry in your pocket, the most comprehensive personal finance management application, ever iSpend brings all your financial accounts together, categorizes your transactions, tracks all your bills, lets you set budgets ...    6 MB    Views 9651
Related Apps budget add income easy fixed category cost click living
+20    iCost Cost Of Living simple, lightweight, easy to use, fast, clear Simple, easy to use: Intuitive, clear, without tutorials, and instantly started. Unparalleled quickly: three seconds to complete a statement. Even more frightening is that does not require registration No landing No networking Quick ...    25 MB    Views 5099


shopping budget don list lists add items buy feature item
+20    A little application that helps you remember to buy that pretty dress or that fancy cool gadget you always wanted. Or for those of you who don't quite get what this app does: It's an easy way to keep track of ...    3 MB    Views 1514
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