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+28    Coincode – Mobile payment Coincode makes it easy to pay with your mobile phone. Who can use Coincode? Everyone can use Coincode by downloading Coincode app and register their credit or debit card. How does it work? 1. Download Coincode app. 2. Register a debit or ...    1 MB    Views 6347

iLoad Prepaid

card photo prepaid check debit www
+14    Never waste time standing in line to cash your check or load funds onto your prepaid debit card again Cash your check and load it onto your participating network branded prepaid card with iLoad With your cameraequipped Smartphone and prepaid debit ...    4 MB    Views 6823
0    “Money Manager Pro” is an optimized application for personal asset management. ※ PC editing function You can view ‘“Money Manager Pro” application by WiFi or 3G. You can see the data sorted by date, category and asset group on the screen of ...    19 MB    Views 6699
-1    Calculator HD Pro for History, Expression, Statistics and Replication is a utility app specially designed for iOS8. For giving you a big surprise, our developers design the app with their utmost care. So the followings are some novel features of the ...    3 MB    Views 7173
+2    CenturyConnect Mobile enables businesses to instantly process credit card, debit card and check payments from their customers directly from their iPhone. Take a picture of the customer’s check and process it electronically. Process both swiped and keyed credit and debit ...    936 kb    Views 7796

Lotto Scanner

+15    What's worse than "not winning" when you play lotto? It's having to go and check the ticket It is because of this problem, that I created the first Lotto Scanning App for Australia. You can now pick up an Australian Lotto ticket, scan ...    5 MB    Views 6433

Better Buy Au

buy version cheaper features simple box landscape function
+26    50% off for a limited time only Get in quick... Ever been out shopping and wondered whether: 24 cans of Pepsi is cheaper than 30 cans of Coke? 4 toilet rolls are cheaper than the 12 pack? That two for one deal works out ...    2 MB    Views 2824
+1    Are you trying to file past year’s Form 990N? It’s Easy. Form 990N is the Annual Electronic Filing Requirement for Small Exempt Organizations that have total gross receipts of 50,000 or less. You can do it on the iPhone or iPad ...    2 MB    Views 2171
Related Apps tax calculator deposit bank function compound interest free savings
+24    Have you ever wondered how much money you will get from your matured Certificate of Deposit? Then, this is the right app for you This is an easytouse deposit calculator. Use it to calculate your bank savings. It includes all the ...    10 MB    Views 7469


+7    The ConnectNetwork mobile app provides functionality that facilitates communications between the ConnectNetwork user (family, friends, and associates) and an inmate in jail or prison. It allows the user to setup an online account, establish a user profile, create a specialized ...    2 MB    Views 5587

Check Cashing Store

Related Apps card store check mobile account debit customers prepaid
+2    Managing your money has never been easier. The Check Cashing Store Mobile app empowers you to manage your account safely and securely. The Check Cashing Store Mobile app is available to all Check Cashing Store customers and is optimized for iOS devices. ...    13 MB    Views 4548
Related Apps stock sort canada find trading easily function price show bearish
+14    Trading Canada Stock App is the next generation of stock analysis app .The ability is to find which stock on fire easily, to sort the stock change% , also to tell you which price to sell or to buy. It's ...    8 MB    Views 1736


keyboard function
0    EasyCalculator is a simple calculator with big keyboard and many innovative function to make calculate funny. FEATURES: Four list for memo,const,function and comparison. Provide calculation practice (Click the logo) to improve the computational capacity, and make you familiar with the keyboard.    7 MB    Views 3743
Related Apps tax calculator deposit bank function compound interest savings
+1    Have you ever wondered how much money you will get from your matured Certificate of Deposit? Then, this is the right app for you This is an easytouse deposit calculator. Use it to calculate your bank savings. It includes all the ...    8 MB    Views 8343

My Debit

Related Apps money debit daily amount account check simple
-9    My Debit is a simple app to easily manage how much money do you have in a debit account or in your pocket, just that My Debit doesn't asks you for an account number, and the amount of money you have ...    3 MB    Views 9353
reports corporate deutsche function rse annual capital worldwide group
+3    The app allows you to view various Deutsche Börse corporate reports of on your iPad. Deutsche Börse Group is one of the largest exchange organisations worldwide. It organises markets characterised by integrity, transparency and safety for investors who invest capital and ...    5 MB    Views 6032

ANZ Spot

Related Apps anz spot instant asia credit debit rewards
-2    ANZ Spot Connecting you to instant rewards wherever you are ANZ Spot is a privilege program that is specially crafted for ANZ Credit and Debit Cardholders. Present your ANZ Credit or Debit Card at over 2,200 outlets throughout Asia Pacific ...    18 MB    Views 511

WFS Mobile

card check accounts debit transactions transfers location date payment bill
+24    Bank wherever you are with WFSMobile for the iPhone Available to all Windsor Federal Savings customers WFSMobile’s top features allow you to check balances, pay bills, make transfers, and control your debit card. Additional features include: Accounts Check your latest account balances ...    1 MB    Views 6551

US mWallet

+1    mWallet is an addon product suite that allows mWallet technology users to securely control their mWallet account from the convenience of their smartphone. Customers MUST HAVE A PREEXISTING mWallet powered account for this product to work. This data application allows ...    5 MB    Views 6641
properties buy sold function foreclosure
+11    Forty seven (47) percent of properties being sold are distressed either short sale or foreclosure. 3.5 million foreclosed properties have been sold since 2006, about half of the eventual total. Have we got an app for you. If you are an ...    3 MB    Views 6794

TallMey Pro

data financial pro function
+1    TallMey Pro is an new app for managing personal finance , the function is simple and clear without additional complex function, applied to a list of charts and intuitive showed your current financial status, and data classification. All of the financial ...    8 MB    Views 5830

my Wallet

Related Apps cards wallet limits credit debit free balances
+12    This application works as a wallet. It contains three operating accounts; one for cash, and two for two credit cards. You can follow your deposits and withdrawal from your wallet naming your currency. It also memorizes your credit card numbers, ...    62 kb    Views 9556


card credit debit background load wallet cash
-8    Paying for the things you want is as easy as a snap. No need to carry cash, load a wallet, worry about your card being skimmed or wait for a credit card terminal. Powered by Standard Bank. SnapScan allows you to: Make ...    7 MB    Views 1461
Related Apps cards card coin mobile device debit credit unlock
+17    Coin is a connected device that holds and behaves like your cards with a magnetic stripe. Use the Coin mobile app to provide key information that we need in order to ship your Coin and to manage the original plastic cards ...    26 MB    Views 1371
+29    Finance Top 1 : U.S. Japan, Korea “Money Manager” is an optimized application for personal asset management. ※ PC editing function You can view ‘“Money Manager” application by WiFi or 3G. You can see the data sorted by date, category and asset group ...    17 MB    Views 3197


Related Apps software recording management payments interface wallet financial function support
-3    ====SALE FOR LIMITED TIME============ The software will help you record your balance of payments; you can easily gain a complete knowledge of your payments and achieve scientific financial management. The specialty of the software: 1. High speed starting to the interface. Rapidity and convenience ...    525 kb    Views 6683

Sulzer Library

Related Apps library browse function documents download zoom features read publications
+3    The Sulzer app allows you to browse and experience Sulzer publications on your iPad. Read the Sulzer Annual and Midyear Reports, the Sulzer Sustainability Report, and the Sulzer Technical Review (STR). You will find detailed information about the operational, financial, ...    890 kb    Views 4947


+3    Simple calculator famous character in Japan " Kumamon " appeared Corresponds to the percentage calculation arithmetic , % , it is equipped with a memory function . It is a computer that does not correspond to the function operation . It is ...    8 MB    Views 4492


financial bank debit
-6    Maintain your First Financial Bank BackPocket prepaid debit card wherever you are whenever you want. This BackPocket App allows you to monitor balances and transactions, receive a wide range of alerts and transfer funds from other First Financial Bank debit ...    4 MB    Views 7122


card cards reader debit credit receipts options transaction
0    Accept credit and debit cards anytime, anywhere with USUCU GoPay. Simply plug your free card reader into your phone and start accepting credit and debit cards anywhere you go. You may also type in the card information if your card ...    3 MB    Views 8057
card bitcoins bitcoin debit
0    Do you want to spend your bitcoins anywhere? Request a SatoshiTango Debit Card through our app and load it using your bitcoins from any place in the world. 
Monitor your balance and your transactions. Use your card at Paypal, Amazon and ...    5 MB    Views 5958

Tool Calculator

calculator function tool equation
+22    Tool Calculator is extremely suitable to use on Multiple or Engineering calculation. Tap upper left corner to change different color background. Calculating of Functional equation is OK. It support common function, including Trigonometric funtion, Logarithmic function, The exponent & Multipowers of exponent. The result ...    9 MB    Views 8754

Money Baby

money baby products financial internet earnings main function
-8    Money baby is a completely free Internet financial products tracking analysis applications, its main purpose is to track and analyze yield similar balance of treasure, treasure of cash, demand through other similar products, and the statistics of the last 30 ...    6 MB    Views 380

KUKA Annual Reports

annual function reports
+1    KUKA Aktiengesellschaft’s free app allows users to read the annual reports since 2012. Key financial indicators, tables and charts are updated for every quarter, which means that the latest information is always available. The app is not just a simple PDF ...    4 MB    Views 91

Shift Card

card shift debit
0    This is the companion app for the Shift Card a Visa debit card that lets you spend Dwolla anywhere you can use a regular debit card. From the home screen, you'll see your Dwolla balance, how much you spent this ...    10 MB    Views 7972


calculator function calculation digits theme
-7    Simple calculator famous character in Japan " Funassy" appeared Corresponds to the percentage calculation arithmetic , % , it is equipped with a memory function . It is a computer that does not correspond to the function operation . It is a ...    21 MB    Views 2397


ratio financial margin turnover inputs calculate ratios function calculations
-3    FyGo is a financial ratio calculator with an added comparative analysis function. Financial ratios are all interconnected by the inputs we use to calculate them. The goal of FyGo is to provide an easy to use, functional platform to explore these ...    8 MB    Views 3008
-8    iMoneyFlowX is an easy to use personal housekeeping book tool to help you keep tracking of your own budget with revolutionary interface. You can understand your trend of spending money with daily and monthly budget charts. 'Wasteful Expenditure List' helps you to ...    23 MB    Views 4740


application mobile summary bank payment accounts pin union code debit
+2    Union Bank (Albania) has prepared for its customers, who use Iphone a new UB Mobile application. It is an easy and safe tool to access your accounts from anywhere they can connect to internet. Therefore it is available for the ...    2 MB    Views 8909
graph types month household day theme function themes book line
0    It is a household account book app that there are three types of layout. ●Three of the household account book layout You I can use the week and month display household accounts of that infinite horizontal scrolling. ●Beautiful two themes And a two themes ...    15 MB    Views 7206


expenditure function revenue picture touch graphical day input
-2    [PachiMemo] is an application that manages the revenue and expenditure of the pachinko(Bet thing of Japan) of every day. It is possible to manage with iPod Touch(c) easily iPhone(c) ..trouble.. with a snap it as for this revenue and expenditure. Not only ...    NAN    Views 2968
money send transfer cost debit chf
+12    Transfer money abroad quickly, easily and at the lowest possible cost using TransferWise. Banks charge hidden fees and use unfair exchange rates. Now there’s a solution. We use real currency exchange rates to help expats, foreign students and businesses transfer money online ...    9 MB    Views 1027

Chrissy Calc

calculator tax functions function calc
-7    Chrissy Calc is a fairly simple calculator app that was made with the retail worker in mind. It has a special function to apply a 10% discount and a function to add tax. The tax can be adjusted to your ...    5 MB    Views 6867

Cfa formula lvl 1

learning time search formula cfa formulas fast function tests
+10    Tired of 20 page formula sheets that are difficult to navigate and easy to misplace in your pile of notes? The cfaformula app is the answer to your woes. Equiped with: •Over 250 formulas and descriptions. •A fast and efficient search function. •6 multiple choice ...    21 MB    Views 5397
Related Apps card momentum prepaid mobile wallet debit
+3    To use this app, you must have a Momentum Visa Prepaid Debit Card. To learn how to get one please visit your nearest Money Mart or The Check Cashing Store location or With the new Momentum Mobile Wallet, you ...    10 MB    Views 3821
business voice tax clients accountants function advisors events
-8    Ryan Mirzaei established Factels Accountants & Business Advisors in 2013. A Registered Tax Agent, Ryan brings to Factels a Bachelor of Accounting, and professionsl affiliations including membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia. Ryan is committed to providing ...    18 MB    Views 1647

Info Contabil

din pentru info credit debit
+25    Info Contabil este o aplicatie intuitiva si usor de utilizat pentru economisti, manageri, antreprenori sau studenti realizata cu scopul de a va ajuta sa respectati legislatia si sa evitati amenziile neplacute. Indiferent de domeniul in care lucrati Info Contabil va ajuta ...    22 MB    Views 9006


money card account debit retailers discounts visa
+5    This credEcardplus mobile app is available free to all credEcard account holders and is a safe, secure method of managing your money from anywhere. You can use your app to: • Up to the minute balance information • See what funds you have received • Keep track ...    43 MB    Views 8917

eeZee pos Digitax

Related Apps card payments pay credit debit pos mobile processing application
-8    The smart and eeZee way to send payments from your phone or tablet. Send payments to eeZee pay members or credit card terminals. eeZee pos is point of sales application that enables merchants to process debit and credit card payments via ...    8 MB    Views 5171

BankMobile for iPad

security banking card family photo accounts free debit access
-3    Welcome to the banking revolution We are the first bank in the country to offer free checking and savings accounts without any fees, as well as a line of credit, access to over 55,000 surcharge free ATMs, and a higher ...    61 MB    Views 2745


card debit credit supports phone check checks payment service
+3    TradeRoute is the 1 app used by contractors and service providers to accept payment on location. Stop chasing payment and get paid as soon as the job is done, whether via check, credit card, debit card, or gift card. TradeRoute supports ...    13 MB    Views 3201
property card email calculator security budget money expenditure icon icons list function book source check
+22    iMoneyFlow is an easy to use personal housekeeping book tool to help you keep tracking of your own budget with revolutionary interface. You can understand your trend of spending money with daily and monthly budget charts. 'Wasteful Expenditure List' helps you to ...    11 MB    Views 6297
Related Apps money users record ahorro organize income function quick monthly
-4    Ahorro is designed by simple, clear and understandable interface. With the intention of friendly usability design, users now can record and track down his / her daily expenses, monthly income as well as can organize budgets in furthering to ...    16 MB    Views 9811
Related Apps budget time month expense select add months view set debit
-5    Do you need to track your finances each month so that you remain within the budget you set for yourself? Do you need to track future expenditure to see the months when you may have to find additional financing to ...    1 MB    Views 8111


history display list mail result function information calc calculation sending
-5    This application is a calculator that displays the history. The value can be corrected by the history confirmation the result on the way of the calculation. The time of the recalculation due to the inputting error can be greatly decreased. Calc history and ...    227 kb    Views 3949

Pay In Private

card pay online private debit purchase safe plastic account
-9    The New Way to Pay Online – Anonymous, Confidential, Safe. Pay in Private provides disposable MasterCard numbers instantly at the push of a button. Install the FREE app and set up your account. Don’t use your personal plastic credit or debit card to ...    2 MB    Views 7985

Credit Card App

card credit transactions debit edit entries delete savings
+1    Ever wonder how to keep track of your creditcard (as well as debitcard) billings, especially if you have multiple credit cards from several banks? Look no further Credit Card App has been designed with this in mind to help make life ...    2 MB    Views 5037


management budget money card function expenditure account asset debit amount transfer manage
+28    ※ PC editing function You can view ‘“Finance” application by WiFi or 3G. You can see the data sorted by date, category and asset group on the screen of your PC. In addition, you can see fluctuations of your asset indicated ...    9 MB    Views 9151

Money Mart

money card mobile debit customers prepaid account
-5    Managing your money has never been easier. The Money Mart Mobile app empowers you to manage your account safely and securely. The Money Mart Mobile app is available to all Money Mart customers and is optimized for iOS devices. Getting started is ...    13 MB    Views 7436


calculator section input function
-7    CalculatorApp is a powerful calculator that includes different calculation modes. Whether you want to compute acceleration into meters per second or calculate square roots there are several screens to choose from. It includes a normal calculator with many scientific calculation ...    3 MB    Views 2934
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