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Clever Net Worth

+11    Understanding your NET WORTH over time has never been easier, good looking or fun. Have you ever wondered if you are getting richer or poorer? Have you wanted to track your various accounts over time without using a complicated accounting or ...    21 MB    Views 8615
+5    Taxnote is a super quick bookkeeping app for small business. Enter your daily business expenses or incomes quickly and Taxnote does your doubleentry bookkeeping automatically. It focuses on making data entry fast and easy with fewer taps and bigger buttons. ■■■ The philosophy ...    5 MB    Views 8454


+15    แอพที่ช่วยให้การวางแผนการเงิน เป็นเรื่องง่าย ๆ ติดตามการใช้จ่ายรายวันให้เป็นไปตามงบประมาณที่วางไว้ในแต่ละเดือน ตั้งเป้าหมายการใช้จ่ายรายเดือน (รายรับ รายจ่าย เงินออม) บันทึกค่าใช้จ่ายในแต่ละวัน ดูสรุปข้อมูลการใช้จ่ายในรูปแบบแผนภูมิ ตั้งเวลาเตือนให้บันทึกข้อมูลได้สม่ำเสมอ Export รายละเอียดการใช้จ่ายในแต่ละวัน เป็นไฟล์ PDF Manage your daily budget easily Set your monthly budget ( Income Expense Saving) Keep tracking your daily expense View your chart data in ...    9 MB    Views 3230
-1    Do you need to keep track of your mileage for business, charitable, medical/moving or personal reasons but find paper logs are difficult to maintain? Mile Pal will make that process extremely easy. IRS tax deduction rates are 56 cents/mile for 2014 ...    11 MB    Views 5375

Price A Product

-2    Price A Product, is a business application to help set price for the product. App gives user two options to set price Mark Up and Mark Down. Mark Up User can set a mark up price on top of their ...    16 MB    Views 4483

Maxus TI for iPad

+4    As a part of GroupM Wpp Holding, Maxus iMBI is focused in providing Business Intelligence solutions and Tech Strategic Consultancy. We strongly believe that being able to consult, process and manage large volumes of complex data quickly and efficiently, in ...    58 MB    Views 9147


business management company upp data analysis increase order pro
+5    KNOW YOUR COMPANY UPp is a powerful business management tool. You can analyze and evaluate any company by introducing current data or hypothetical data, which helps simulating new situations (what would happen if sales increase by 10%, wages decrease by ...    16 MB    Views 8878

Trading Calendar

calendar holiday holidays business trading day date data countries
-2    Reduced For a limited time only Trading Calendar is an app for financial markets professionals which combines accurate holiday calendar information for 76 markets with comprehensive date and year fraction calculation for all widelyused daycount bases. It provides a mobile alternative ...    2 MB    Views 6471
card business security transaction mobile data process encrypted technology
-3    Your Business on the Move Turn your mobile device into a portable cash register and make that sale on the go. The Beanstream Mobile Advantage: • Provides credit card, cash or cheque transactions anywhere you are. • Offers fully encrypted card swipe technology with ...    2 MB    Views 4781

Expense Tool LE

+5    Organize your own and shared expenses. Are you on holidays with friends and want to know how much you are spending? If you are sharing your expenses, do you need a tool to document your balances and debts to one another? Do ...    10 MB    Views 4675
Related Apps business banking security bank mobile data online pay
+12    Hillcrest Bank enables you to take your bank with you wherever you go through Hillcrest Bank Business Mobile Banking Our app is fast, secure and free. Getting started: Download the app and use the same Access ID and Password for Business ...    9 MB    Views 8985

Business Doctor

business advertising basic data doctor version financial detailed year
-5    If you own a Business, the Business Doctor will diagnose its financial health. This app analyzes your annual financial statements and calculates all important performance ratios. You will know whether it's normal , healthy or needs help. It is simple ...    11 MB    Views 495
Related Apps money bills finance analytics expenses income manager data support set
-2    The “MOST SUCCESSFUL” personal finance app that helps you “SAVE MONEY”. We have the BEST customer service available. GULLAK MONEY MANAGER helps you keep track of your expenses and income. It manages your money more effectively and helps you ...    26 MB    Views 9027


web card ipad management data page swipe set customers default
-3    For use with the lilitab swipe from Lilitab LLC. LilySwipe provides customers using the lilitab swipe iPad accessory the mechanism to get data from a swiped credit card to their Point of Sale (POS) web page. A default web page is ...    278 kb    Views 1211


business data year credit
-6    Slovenian description: mFiPo AJPES – ključne informacije o poslovnih subjektih na vašem pametnem telefonu; BREZPLAČNO. Aplikacija mFiPO AJPES omogoča brezplačen prikaz najpomembnejših javnih podatkov iz Poslovnega registra Slovenije (ePRS) ter najpomembnejših finančnih kazalcev in grafičnih kazalnikov sprememb na podlagi letnih računovodskih poročil ...    1 MB    Views 3906


discount management cooking software business ipad printing cashier commodity data set order
+5    Temporarily not available for regions out of china. 2Dfire LAN Service and 2Dfire Management are required to add goods, tables, employees etc. , and login to synchronize these data to ipad. For more detail please visit 2Dfire Official website. Substitute ...    15 MB    Views 3363
Related Apps budget bills money income expense user data set expenses monthly
+12    My Budge App helps you to keep track of your expenditures and earnings and manage your money more effectively. My Budget is a simple, userfriendly budget manager. With My Budget you can have a quick overview of your expenses and income, ...    13 MB    Views 4437

iMileage App

business people built data setup mileage
+1    We are so proud to launch iMileage This is an app for business people, built by business people. iMileage was built to fill our own needs, and now we are sharing it with everyone iMileage is a really simple, yet robust ...    3 MB    Views 8461

Russell Indexes

-7    Russell Indexes is committed to designing and delivering quality index products based on investor needs and priorities. The Russell Indexes app for iPhone provides ondemand, realtime access to Russell’s most widely used U.S. and global index performance data, constituent data ...    2 MB    Views 9552
Related Apps card ipad sale business transaction mobile data encrypted commerce payment
+18    Your business on the move An elegant and secure alternative to clunky, expensive POS machines. Turn your iPad into a portable cash register and credit card terminal – in your brick and mortar store, or anywhere you want to make a ...    3 MB    Views 7652

Business Charts

business multiple data supports charts
-3    NOTE: A valid account is required to use the application Business Charts allows you to view your business data (for example, sales figures) and to interact with it using touch. It supports filtering data, aggregating it to the desired level of ...    6 MB    Views 9732


banking business mobile account bank set deposit hours view
+1    Access your accounts anytime, anywhere with our fnb4me Mobile Banking App from First National Bank. Use your mobile phone or device to bring the bank to you Features include: • Check your account balance • Mobile Remote Deposit Capture –take a photo of your checks ...    15 MB    Views 6314
news stock market investing finance business time personal data latest
+12    Stay connected with what’s happening in the stock markets and with the investing news and analysis you need. The MarketWatch app for iPhone and iPad delivers market data and stock quotes alongside the latest business, finance and investing news and ...    30 MB    Views 3422

JH Life Briefcase

Related Apps ipad business insurance life company hancock john data application
0    The JH LifeBriefcase application is designed to allow producers to interact with existing clients or prospects in a mobile environment. The app allows illustrations (new business and inforce) and book of business reports to be retrieved and stored on the ...    2 MB    Views 3643
-1    Call + Data Monitor 2x1 The only one that monitors Data and Calls. "I've saved a lot of money, Thank You" As seen on: Lifehacker. Inovus. addict3d. SmartAdopter. Iphoneworld. This application will monitor your phone usage to certain numbers. You will easily create a ...    12 MB    Views 4641


Related Apps management data code important account set
-9    iPassNote361 is a set of account and code management apps. Everyone has numerous important data in life that need to be documented, especially from the internet or bank account and code data. However, these data are mostly written down only ...    4 MB    Views 43

HubTie Time

Related Apps office time web business hardware check support easy set account working
+13    Professional mobile working hours tracking. Create custom statues, activate your terminal, access to HubTie back office to track records, easy checkin or out with pin support, web checkinout and many more.. Made for any business size. Trcking attendance of your employees: • Easy ...    10 MB    Views 9735

Bizzy Insights

0    המערכת מנתחת מידע מהקופה של העסק, ומאפשרת למנהל העסק להבין תוך שניות מהם המוצרים הנמכרים ביותר, איך הצוות עובד, מה הלקוחות עושים בעסק, והאם יש הזמנות שלא שולמו או תופעות חריגות אחרות. האפליקציה מנתחת את הנתונים בזמן אמת, ומספקת מידע משמעותי ...    NAN    Views 8616

My Financials

business monitor financial pay cash financials advisor set access
-3    Your small business faces unique financial hurdles to grow and prosper. As your trusted business advisor, we provide you instant access to your financial at your fingertips. With realtime financial insights, you will be able to run your business worry free, ...    2 MB    Views 1785
marketing software business data features practical practices expert
+11    Join HarteHanks Marketing Forum or Trillium's Breakthrough 2013 Customer Conference in sunny Orlando June 35 These events are colocated at the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek Hotel. At the HarteHanks forum, you will learn new strategies and best practices to Capture, ...    11 MB    Views 7123
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+24    eXchequer365 provides you with secure access to your Exchequer accounting data via your iOS device. Access to your business information has never been more important. Need to check a customer’s balance, check stock, authorise an order or simply email a copy ...    4 MB    Views 8730

BISNEWS Companion

news investment stock time language data quote price full set companion
-5    Product Description BISNEWS Companion, your investment partner, presents realtime price movement data from Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX) for your sound investment decision. Price information are delivered in push mode so a data refresh or reload is ...    9 MB    Views 1479

OT Trend

time market apps trend data indicator trading answers set intraday
-9    Buy, sell or hold ? Overbought or oversold ? Trending up, down or sideways ? OT Trend will give you the answers. It will tell you days, even weeks in advance, at what level to set up your trades. It will allow you to discover ...    7 MB    Views 5863


business tools school valuation cost set professor data
+21    Developed by two professors from leading US business schools, uValue is a corporate valuation app for the iPad. The app helps you value businesses using conceptually rigorous, yet practical and widelyused tools. You can value firms using the ‘weighted average ...    40 MB    Views 6276
Related Apps signature business ebics payment bank payments data financial days orders
+3    THE financial app for business people: With this app you will be able to approve or reject transfers and learn about pending payments of your company regardless of whether you are in a hotel, at the airport or at ...    58 MB    Views 7230
Related Apps business banking security mobile bank data online pay
+5    Bank Midwest enables you to take your bank with you wherever you go through Bankmw Business Mobile Banking Our app is fast, secure and free. Getting started: Download the app and use the same Access ID and Password for Business Online ...    9 MB    Views 3837
Related Apps intelligence market business time industries profitable company latest data sectors
-4    Plimsoll financial analysis reports provide all the information you need to increase your knowledge and authority over any industry or market, no matter how complex, anywhere in the world. This free App is based on the latest UK company data and ...    5 MB    Views 6730

AA Credit Cards

0    Welcome to the AA Credit Card mobile servicing app. It offers a quick, secure and convenient way to manage your credit card account on the go. This app is available only to AA Credit Card holders whose card is issued by ...    10 MB    Views 983
business card iphone management barclaycard data payments trade
-4    Barclaycard Anywhere app from Barclaycard. Apply for a Merchant Account here: Welcome to managing business transactions from the palm of your hand. • Accept card payments through your iPhone and iPad • No matter where you operate in the UK wherever you have ...    NAN    Views 3091
Related Apps banking business mobile amegy bank treasury accounts data devices easy
+10    Available to Amegy Bank corporate and business customers who have services available through AmegyConnect. Amegy Bank, N.A. Member FDIC Sign in with your AmegyConnect credentials. It is quick and straight forward. There are no additional fees. The Amegy Bank Treasury Mobile app ...    8 MB    Views 7829
business user data information
+5    DeltaMaster is a Business Intelligence suite for the analysis, the planning, and the reporting of business data. Thanks to the DeltaMaster TickerPortal, you can use the tickers created in DeltaMaster on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Tickers show numerical ...    7 MB    Views 4755

Sage View

business view sage client alerts access subscription data specific
+20    Designed for “onthego” accountants, bookkeepers, and consultants that have an active subscription to the Sage View business intelligence dashboard solution, this app provides access to predefined alerts and an easytoview recap of client Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). With the Sage View ...    63 MB    Views 7221


Related Apps management data code important automatically set account
+1    IPassNote plus is a set of account and code management apps. Everyone has numerous important data in life that need to be documented, especially from the internet or bank account and code data. However, these data are mostly written down ...    4 MB    Views 5302
business timesheet timesheets expenses data main system users square union
+5    Available exclusively for Union Square Software clients, the Mobile Timesheet and Expenses App allows users the flexibility of filling out their timesheets and expenses whilst on the move. The App retrieves users’ current timesheet data and active projects from the main ...    140 MB    Views 9735
Related Apps business travel gps location offers set settings put mobile businesses vouchers
-2 gives you access to more than 55,000 discount coupons per year. Put you mobile phone number in to the settings page to receive a SMS of your passcode. In settings you can also set how far you are willing to ...    4 MB    Views 1355

TD Mobile POS

business email mobile pos pinpad easy step smartphone data payments
+4    Accept payments wherever you do business across Canada with TD Mobile POS. This easy to use, secure mobile app allows you to use a smartphone with a data plan that is connected to an active cellular network or WiFi– paired ...    NAN    Views 1780

Fourier Predictor

finance symbols download comprehensive yahoo set data
-9    Dear traders and all the people who are interested in stocks, indexes, currencies, etc. movements watch, all of you would like to look into the future to trade better, yes? And you can do it now with unique Fourier Predictor The ...    4 MB    Views 7705
spanish business forecast free regional dashboards innovation account data www
-7    Neconomia Regional.ES innotrends could be described as “New economy indicator by CEPREDE staff with regional values about benchmark & innovation growth”. This APP analyzes the diffusion and use of the IT in business activities throughout Spain and regional markets, which contains ...    33 MB    Views 7887

Wallet Munch

trip business expense expenses currency type receipt set default report
+12    The Walletmunch application helps frequent business travelers to organize and file expenses of their trips. The idea is to record expenses on the go either by taking the picture of the receipt or by easily logging the expense detail. Supported features ...    2 MB    Views 7584
Related Apps banking business ipad security bank mobile data online
-6    Hillcrest Bank enables you to take your bank with you wherever you go through Hillcrest Bank Business Mobile Banking for iPad Our app is fast, secure and free. Getting started: Download the app and use the same Access ID and Password ...    11 MB    Views 2549

SET Application

investment media stock navigate business social calendar web set information knowledge financial day opportunity listed
+13    SET App หรือ SET Application แอพลิเคชั่นที่พัฒนาโดยตลาดหลักทรัพย์แห่งประเทศไทย ขอชวนท่านก้าวสู่มิติใหม่ของศุนย์ข้อมูลและความรู้การลงทุน เต็มอิ่มกับข้อมูลบริษัทจดทะเบียน พบกับ กิจกรรมทางการลงทุนจากตลาดหลักทรัพย์แห่งประเทศไทยก่อนใคร ไม่พลาดทุกสัมมนาด้วยคลิปวีดีโอสัมมนาย้อนหลัง พร้อมทั้งเรียนรู้การลงทุนในหลักทรัพย์ได้ทุกที่ทุกเวลา โดยมีเมนูหลักที่ใช้งานดังนี้
1. Opportunity Day พบกับข้อมูลของบริษัทจดทะเบียนในตลาดหลักทรัพย์แห่งประเทศไทย และตลาดหลักทรัพย์ เอ็ม เอ ไอ ได้สะดวกและรวดเร็วจาก 3 แหล่งข้อมูลสำคัญ ได้แก่ 

1.1 กิจกรรมบริษัทจดทะเบียนพบผู้ลงทุน (Opportunity Day) กิจกรรมที่ตลาดหลักทรัพย์ฯ จัดขึ้นเพื่อให้นักวิเคราะห์ และผู้ลงทุน ได้พบกับผู้บริหารระดับสูงของบริษัทจดทะเบียน เพื่อรับทราบข้อมูลผลประกอบการงวดล่าสุดพร้อมกับข้อมูลธุรกิจของบริษัทหลังประกาศงบการเงินทุกไตรมาส ชมได้ทั้งถ่ายทอดสด live และชมย้อนหลัง archived 

1.2 สรุปข้อสนเทศบริษัทจดทะเบียนในรูปแบบ Factsheet ที่สามารถเลือกดูข้อมูล Snapshot ได้ทุกบริษัท ...    29 MB    Views 8148
tracker time data usage set counter notification monthly daily quick
-1    Manage your cellular data usage with ease. Data Tracker will keep count of all data used, saving you unpleasant surprises at billing time. Swipe down from notification center to see current usage. Keeps track of your cellular data usage over Edge/GPRS/3G/4G/LTE. ...    3 MB    Views 762
data sales set configurable alert track users view
+24    oneConnect by onePOS is an upgraded version of onePOS Mobile Dashboard for iOS devices. View and track real time sales data for a set of configurable locations. In addition to this feature, oneConnect also provides a configurable key performance indicator ...    11 MB    Views 7113
management business time data invoicing application goods features sales
+8    Invoicing Lady is a miniinvoicing application suitable for small business enterprises and various shops, such as: clothing, food, cosmetics, groceries, electronics, communications, digital equipment, etc. Its functions include: purchasing management, sales management, inventory management, customer management, supplier management, statistical reports, ...    1 MB    Views 7798

Soft1 MyPortal

Related Apps business time data application access user
0    Requires Soft1 Open Enterprise Edition The mobile application Soft1 MyPortal for iPhone and iPad allows secure and reliable access to the centrallyinstalled Soft1 business application portal in order to view available, active data gadgets. The data gadgets are exclusively designed ...    4 MB    Views 2136

bizNote Lite

budget business lists version data key full day free
+18    Lite (FREE) version is available bizNote is app to help you control income/expense & budget for small business or division. It will make your daytoday business more productive and get more insights in realtime. Forget about accounting. Differences between FREE and ...    6 MB    Views 4083


management business intelligence suite analysis enterprise data mobile
-3    GUSOS Mobile Business Intelligence delivers management information from operational data of the GUSOS Suite right on your iOS device. GUSOS Mobile BI is the perfect tool for the analysis, reporting and visualization of business information. This app relies on predefined cockpits ...    11 MB    Views 882
Related Apps business intelligence data sources chart sap mobile information view company
+7    Reboard is a universal mobile Business Intelligence (BI) and Reporting tool for business and decision makers. It is designed to provide easy access to company data and KPI´s. Managers on the go can retrieve and present all essential and relevant ...    5 MB    Views 4513
calendar holiday holidays business trading day pro data date
-6    Trading Calendar Pro is an app for financial markets professionals which combines accurate holiday calendar information for for a possible 76 markets with comprehensive date and year fraction calculation for all widelyused daycount bases. It provides a mobile alternative to ...    2 MB    Views 1282


business accounting owners receipt picture small data designed
+9    MyMoneyTrax is a simple, easy to use mobile expense tracking system designed specifically for small business owners. Developed by small business owners with the help of a Certified Public Accountant, it was designed to fill a need that normal accounting ...    11 MB    Views 2711
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