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+8    Sie besitzen eine Ticket Shopping Card? Genießen Sie alle Vorteile mit der offiziellen App von Edenred und profitieren von vielen nützlichen Funktionen: 1. GuthabenAbfrage: Aktuelles Guthaben aller verfügbaren Karten auf einen Blick 2. Suche: Filialen unserer Aktzeptanzpartner in direkter Umgebung auf einen Blick mit Karte ...    NAN    Views 8653


+18    Looking for a Loan calculator? iLoanSimu is made for you, for only 99cts, it computes the monthly payments with details on interests to be paid, offers detailled graphics, allows you to save your favorite loans, associate a picture for each loan ...    2 MB    Views 4908

chartBlast Pro

+9    If you're a technical trader, chartBlast is THE goto tool to track multiple watchlists and view charts, technicals, and news from your favorite websites, all without any subscriptions It quickly displays charts, news, technicals, and any other stocksymbolbased data on your ...    5 MB    Views 5964
+18    Now you can take advantage of a more convenient and versatile way to enjoy new places. Travel and discover the world no guide will ever be able to show you. You can do it all from your favorite iPhone, iPad, ...    11 MB    Views 8257
+4    Leveraging our exclusive dataset, PriceMetrix brings to you reports, infographic, case studies, and videos on a variety of practice management topics instantly accessible from your tablet device. With the PriceMetrix app, Financial advisors and firms can easily stay uptodate on ...    26 MB    Views 2062


+11    This application costs less than your morning coffee and will be forever yours. It will be invaluable to anyone who is saving up for that big trip or just to catch a favorite movie This application allows you to save for ...    59 MB    Views 2231
Related Apps money tips save favorite daily saving free
0    Best Money Saving Tips Need to save some money? Want to improve your financial situation and get out of debt? This awesome & FREE app gives you the best and most practical moneysaving tips to help you save some money each month. You'll ...    7 MB    Views 1664
Related Apps twitter writing rates crazynova favorite amount rate peso exchange banks forex
-5    + See & Compare Top 32 US, Canadian Dollar, UK Pound, UAE Dirham, Saudi Arabian Riyal to Philippine(PHP) Peso Exchange Rates from Top Banks +Forex +Gold/Silver Chart +BPI +DBP +RCBC +Xoom +Western Union +TransFast +LuckyMoney +RemitHome +UAE Xchange +YESPinoy +ChinaBank ...    2 MB    Views 9509


business sie ihre wenn nnen als
+1    Wenn Sie mit internationalen Geschäftspartnern zusammen arbeiten, brauchen Sie dringend unsere App um Ihre Kommunikationsfähigkeit im Business Englisch zu verbessern. Wir haben für Sie über mehr als 1000 Business Wörter zusammengefasst. Wenn Sie jeden Tag mit unserer App arbeiten, werden ...    10 MB    Views 635


+7    Discover and fund products, projects and causes you love on Indiegogo. Whether you’re interested in nextgen gadgets, indie films or saving kittens, you can now keep tabs on your favorite Indiegogo campaigns anytime, anywhere. Support a campaign: Discover recommended campaigns Explore ...    18 MB    Views 4889

Payment Power

time cards retail card offers payment store credit promotions discounts favorite
-1    Payment Power empowers the consumer to choose the most advantageous payment option every time they make a purchase in a retail store or online. We help consumers buy smart every time. How does it work? You walk into a store and activate ...    8 MB    Views 7528
history home map currency conversion currencies remember favorites notes add convert
+9    Launch Special: FREE for a limited time The Currency Converter for Home and Travel Auto detect the Local Currency wherever you are and convert to multiple Currencies at once Add personal Notes to conversions to remember what it ...    4 MB    Views 2935

Market Impulses

market finance credits signals buy receive trading favorite
+3    Market Impulses The first behavioral finance application that brings you clear trading ideas. Market Impulses is an interactive financial newsletter based on Quantesys’ behavioral finance algorithm, able to recognize investors’ behavior and anticipate market moves. Thanks to its clean interface, you will be ...    10 MB    Views 9374

Chhota Bheem Shop

Related Apps kids shop easy exclusive favorite offers free download
+15    Download this free app and shop for your kids favorite ChhotaBheem products. Avail Exclusive Offers. This App provides you a timesaving, Hazzle free and valueformoney experience. You will definitely adore the App With our mobile app, you can now shop from anywhere ...    3 MB    Views 5370

Funny Finance!

Related Apps finance search deck faves favorite feature index added
+14    Funny Finance is filled with fun quips about the sometimes notsofun world of finance Included in this app are: + Main Deck of Quips + Faves Deck for Your Favorite Quips + Ignore Feature + Shuffle Ability + Search Feature + Index + Beautiful, EasytoUse Interface Individual quips can ...    147 kb    Views 5332
travelers time travel currency swipe simple exchange access date notification currencies favorites
-6    Do you like to travel abroad ? Do you always need to know the current exchange rate for various currency ? Do you like surfing on Amazon and Ebay ? If even one answer for this question is "YES" then ...    5 MB    Views 7500


expenses track favorites add simple fast quickly
+18    Do you want to quickly track your expenses? Expensy is an app to track your expenses in a fast and simple way. Pull out your iPhone and quickly add a new expense or select one of your favorites. You don't have to ...    2 MB    Views 4157
money time quality pair jordan favorite
+3    Save precious time & money with the TopOne app. Our powerful instore app makes it easy for you to find the right pair of highquality, original sneakers at retail price. View all items in HD quality and stay up to date ...    9 MB    Views 5259
+30    The Options Insider Radio Network is the premier audio destination for options traders. Now you can access all of your favorite Options Insider Radio Network programs in one convenient place. Join the thousands around the globe who turn to The ...    13 MB    Views 1233


cards personal donations give credit giving favorite find
-6    Givsee is a fun, simple, and secure application, built for making donations with your mobile device. Download the free giving app now and start making donations to your favorite organization We’ve created a simple way to give from your mobile device. ...    6 MB    Views 308

Cashjams Radio

radio music money favorite
-7    Cashjams Radio is a revolutionary music radio app Don't just listen to music...make money listening to music Artists can upload their songs to and have them streamed on the Cashjams Radio App. Music fans can use the FREE Cashjams Radio App ...    17 MB    Views 832
playing game favorite experience world stop don room leaving
-7    Hay hay this is now your "same ol same ol" boring obnoxious game. If you are even remotely thinking of leaving this screen "STOP AND DOWN THIS GAME NOW Don't risk losing the experience of a life time. I ...    4 MB    Views 1590

13D Research

research ipad favorites find viewing page identify industry asset
-2    13D's iPad app enables registered clients to read current and recent "What I Learned This Week" newsletters both online and offline. Once a newsletter is downloaded, no internet connection is required for viewing. Features: · Access current and recent 13D newsletters for ...    8 MB    Views 4730
news writing twitter rates exchange crazynova favorite amount www banks rate top
+14    See & Compare Top Dollar, Pound to Bangladesh Taka Exchange Rates of Top Banks Deals Charts Fees Forex Contacts News Gold/Silver Top 13 different provider USD/GBP/CAD to BDT rates. NOW, ALWAYS GET YOUR BANGLADESH BOUND MONEY TRANSFERS RIGHT Taka currently ...    2 MB    Views 8843
-2    StockBrowser XL is an iPad browser app that give you quick access shortcut to stocks information in NYSE and NASDAQ markets from your favorite website. New features in 2.1 release User can add new stocks symbol to favorites User can add custom web ...    1 MB    Views 2139


food business gifts businesses local favorite pre
+23    Credibles is a crowdfunding service for fans of local food businesses. With Credibles, prepay your favorite local food businesses in advance to help them grow and succeed. In return for your support, you will receive “edible credits” and additional signup rewards You ...    18 MB    Views 5473
calculator time art units conversion tap favorites key screen exchange currency swipe
+28    We believe that apps should be made with care, to look beautiful and be simple to use. We are passionate about it, we think of it as making art. That's why we created ConvertMe, an elegant and smart, currency and units ...    10 MB    Views 8676
-3    The very finest jokes and bits from standup comedy captured on iPhone. It just gets FUNNIER & FUNNIER Never ending store of very best stand up comedy jokes. Everyday occurrences turned into something everybody can laugh at Jokes from the ...    2 MB    Views 6445
finance search deck faves favorite feature added
+4    Funny Finance is filled with fun quips about the sometimes notsofun world of finance Included in this app are: + Main Deck of Quips + Faves Deck for Your Favorite Quips + Ignore Feature + Shuffle Ability + Search Feature + Index + Beautiful, EasytoUse Interface Individual quips can ...    614 kb    Views 6500

FRED Economic Data

research data economic series graphs access favorite
+11    Take the economy with you wherever you go. The FRED app gets you the economic data you need— anytime, anywhere. Enjoy full access to nearly 264,000 economic data series from 79 regional, national and international sources. The graphs and supporting ...    13 MB    Views 5489


investment search newsletter newsletters find relevant marketplace favorite large
-2    With MyNewsletters get more out of your current investment in newsletter subscriptions and discover new relevant ones. Escape the email clutter never miss an idea or waste time searching with alerts, quick access to your favorite newsletters and intelligent ...    4 MB    Views 2855
price coinbase btc bitcoin current doge badge favorite
+15    Get the current price information of the most popular Cryptocoins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Darkcoin as well as over 200 altcoin markets NEW: Coinbase Price badge on app icon without harming battery life BEWARE of updateeveryminute apps. Exchanges: Coinbase, BTCe, Cryptsy, CampBX, ...    10 MB    Views 3623
gps service professionals professional tip favorite download code honor
+7    Download Bravo, Tipping Made Easy. What happens when it’s time to honor and tip a valet, concierge or your favorite service professional but you don't have cash or want to avoid outrageous ATM fees? Introducing Bravo, the simplest way to tip and ...    16 MB    Views 2629


home search property find criteria contact features function favorites objects
-2    Find your dream home, to your desired destination on the Costa Blanca in Spain with the PISO24 App. The simple design and concept of the app is clearer and easier to use. The purchase offer includes attractive houses, apartments, land, commercial properties ...    1 MB    Views 2815
writing twitter rates peso crazynova amount rate www favorite exchange
+23    + See & Compare Top 32 US, Canadian Dollar, UK Pound, UAE Dirham, Saudi Arabian Riyal to Philippine(PHP) Peso Exchange Rates from Top Banks +Forex +Gold/Silver Chart +BPI +DBP +RCBC +Xoom +Western Union +TransFast +LuckyMoney +RemitHome +UAE Xchange +YESPinoy +ChinaBank ...    2 MB    Views 5380
search map atm bank fidelity favorite atms locate visa finder
+5    Visa ATM Finder App by Fidelity Bank. This is a special app designed by Fidelity bank to help you locate all VISA ATMS near You It gives you the directions and draw the Path from your current loction to the nearest ATM ...    2 MB    Views 560
Related Apps currencies supports updates user currency favorite automatic rate features exchange
+8    Smart Coin is a simple and compact currency converter. This onescreen app will give you clear and fast results, with no redundant features or tons of extra information. Key features: supports iPhone and iPad 175+ world currencies available automatic currency rate updates ...    16 MB    Views 2129
-2    Wow, even during the calculation , you can enjoy support five girls Japanese idol group quickly with this favoritecolor calcurlator app "OshiiroCalc". Even in concert of live, you can calculate quickly OMG To everyone want to luxurious results to calculate your own ...    52 MB    Views 5548
Related Apps currency base converter favorite
-7    CurrencyBox is a simple but powerful currency converter, you can easily convert every world currency with a few taps. It's a musthave app when traveling abroad. How to use: Tap the list to set the base currency Swipe left to add ...    2 MB    Views 5706


Related Apps web stocks user website favorite features add favorites markets
+1    StockBrowser is a browser app that give you quick access shortcut to stocks information in NYSE and NASDAQ markets from your favorite website. New features in 2.1 release User can add new stocks symbol to favorites User can add custom web address to ...    817 kb    Views 9781

Business English +

Related Apps business english favorites words 1000 german save print improve
+9    If you cooperate with international business partners in Germany, you need our app to improve your communication skills in business English. We have summarized more than 1000 business words (EnglishGerman). If you work every day with our app, you will ...    10 MB    Views 3177
Related Apps writing twitter rates peso crazynova www favorite amount exchange rate bank trends
+18    Hola Do you send money to Mexico often? + See & Compare Top 11 US Dollar to Mexican Peso Exchange Rates from Top Banks +Forex +Bancomer +Banamex +Banco Azteca +BX+ + HSBC +IXE +Bonarte +Xoom +Wells Fargo +Western Union +Moneygram +ATMCash Peso provides USD ...    4 MB    Views 1198
chinese writing china twitter rates crazynova banks favorite bank amount www top exchange
+2    See & Compare Top Dollar, Pound, Euro to Chinese Yuan Exchange Rates of Top Chinese Banks Top 20 different provider USD GBP EUR SGD AUD CAD to CNY rates. NOW, ALWAYS GET YOUR CHINA BOUND MONEY TRANSFERS RIGHT Yuan currently ...    2 MB    Views 8864
apps calculator currency favorite rates currencies background 135 world image
-6    You can calcule with two countries exchange rates through this apps. This apps concept is "Pretty". We selected the designs because we strongly believe pretty make you enjoy your life. KEY FEATURES: Currency Calculator Favorite Support 135 world currencies Changing Background Image Preserve Currency Rates ■ Currency Calculator This apps ...    8 MB    Views 4043
btc favorites currencies glance exchanges bitcoin dogecoin litecoin
+3    CoinFeed is a little but very helpful app to track the value of cryptocurrencies in realtime. The Favorites system lets you check at a glance the exchange rates of your favorites cryptocurrencies on your selected markets. Currencies currently available: Bitcoin Litecoin Dogecoin ...    4 MB    Views 2999
news stock investors social finance market stocks users publications favorite predictions data notifications
+26    Know More to Earn More. The free News Mint app collects most relevant news for your favorite stocks from the best finance news publications across the world and provides it at one place. It helps you collect all the information from the ...    6 MB    Views 3840

QB PowerHour

quickbooks view attendees
+4    QB PowerHour is a companion app to our Advanced QuickBooks Training Webinar series from Webinar attendees usually are CPA's, QuickBooks ProAdvisors, and QuickBooks Experienced Users. This app allows you to: View previous webinar recordings View favorited QuickBooks and Accounting related videos Favorited by ...    25 MB    Views 278


Related Apps exhibitors event favorite application events
-3    This app is the exhibition application developed by Corporate IT Solutions Pte Ltd. As an attendee, you can access event schedules and exhibitors in details. You can save your favorite events and exhibitors in your own briefcase of our application. Also ...    937 kb    Views 1718

England Radios

radio england favorite list favorites contact
+27    Listen to your favorite England Radio stations on the go on your favorite iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Key Features: Browse stations with 2G / 3G / 4G and WiFi. Choose from over 30+ favorite England radio stations. Set the stations as favorites from ...    4 MB    Views 4316

Shoppindo Pro

shopping time design email text items list add units share favorite
-4    Shoppindo helps you memorize your shopping plan. This app is intuitive and easy to use. Minimalistic design helps you manage your shopping itinerary saving you time and money. You can easily add or delete items to your list, along with ...    8 MB    Views 9629
Related Apps calculator time iphone ipad currency choose exchange currencies rates simple favorite graphics historical
+3    Try the experience of an exceptional financial instrument, a currency converter and more. Simply choose the currencies to convert and tap on the amount to convert. See the graph historical exchange rates for over 165 world currencies. You can choose between ...    6 MB    Views 166

Currency+ Converter

work currency country offline mode button application online favorite
-6    Currency Convert is one of the most popular foreign exchange calculators on the App Store. Features: • See exchange rates for 150 currencies • See currency charts for 1d, 5d, 1y, 2y, and 5y • Make quick currency calculations into multiple currencies • Beautiful flags ...    7 MB    Views 1956

Dennis Prager

radio station access listen favorite show single road podcast
+2    Never be without your favorite radio station. The Dennis Prager Show is proud to present our OFFICIAL radio app. Listen to us at work, home or on the road. Install our app and get instant access to our unique content, features ...    18 MB    Views 285
shopping list products favorite lock screen simple
-9    Simple and cool shopping list, "Kargo" Register usual products to your favorite list Make your today's shopping list within 7 seconds by choosing products from your favorite list Note product name, memo, price, and amount Several currency ...    608 kb    Views 7565


cards loyalty rewards redeem mobile favorite tap businesses receive
0    Looping is the future of mobile loyalty. Replace all those plastic cards, paper and punch receipts, keychains, and barcodes with this App. You dont need to worry about scanning another barcode again. Just tap the logo on the Home screen ...    5 MB    Views 6779


application save free favorite 400 offers internet
0    Start your day saving in the beruby community. beruby is a free application where you can save money on your Internet activity (save on your purchases, your registrations, page visits, becoming a facebook fan, etc). In the beruby application you can ...    2 MB    Views 5432
Related Apps twitter writing rates peso crazynova favorite exchange amount rate forex banks top
-3    Hola Do you send money to Mexico often? + See & Compare Top 11 US Dollar to Mexican Peso Exchange Rates from Top Banks +Forex +Bancomer +Banamex + Banco Azteca +BX+ + HSBC +IXE +Bonarte +Xoom +Wells Fargo +Western Union +Moneygram ...    2 MB    Views 8877
keyboard currencies favorites currency charts historical date access 160 simple swipe
-4    Hold the world in your hands. Currency is a simple converter for travelers. It has a beautiful interface for quick access to conversions you need. With over 160 currencies from all over the world you'll always be up to date, ...    1 MB    Views 8586

880AM The BIZ

money business station favorite show real listen single day biz
0    880 The Biz is where Miami comes to talk about money and business. We're part of the Wall Street Business Network. Every day we're talking about what's happening with every aspect of money and investing. Listen all day for profitable discussions of stocks, ...    17 MB    Views 5146
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